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Take a look at the honest reviews and see why should be your choice for Psychic Readings! Read it and Vote and Rate Yourself.

Thousands of clients have made their choice for personalized authentic psychic readings.

PsychicOz psychics consistently receive top ratings from their customers, so you can relax, knowing that your psychic is both experienced and talented.

What’s more is that you have 24/7 access to the best psychics in the industry via email or phone.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with PsychicOz:

  • PsychicOz screens and tests their psychics more completely than any of their competitors. PsychicOz are proud to have only the most gifted and authentic psychics in their team of professionals.
  • PsychicOz service is very affordable. They have everyday low prices, not just special introductory prices.
  • Each and every reading begins with one free minute, so you do not need to worry about paying for the connection time.
  • Every new customer gets an additional free three minutes after making an initial deposit.
  • No prepayment is necessary. You may pay safely and securely via credit card, debit card or PayPal when you’re ready for your reading.

PsychicOz psychics are ready to assist you in finding your way to love and a more fulfilling life.


  • They Screen and Test Psychics Like No Other Competitor. As results they have best gifted psychics.
  • Psychics are very Affordable. They have low prices not just introductory prices.
  • Every reading with any psychic advisor always starts with 1 free minute.
  • Every new customer gets additional Free 3 minutes.
  • No prepayment – pay safely and securely via PayPal.
  • Real Ratings and reviews for Each Psychic on their website.
  • Anonymous and private
  • Numerous Reviews from Independent Websites
  • Great Introductory Deals for New Clients


  • They do not have large number of psychics, they prefer have quality vs quantity.
  • Some psychics are getting busy as many clients want to call them.



  1. i got a great reading, thanks!

  2. The best. Hunter was calm but clear in her delivery. Every bit of info was similar to several top tier psychics on this site. You Go Girl!!

  3. Ginnie reads energy so well and explains it very clearly. She’s honest and empowering.

  4. You never fail to make me feel better. You don’t waste my time with phony predictions and promises you can’t keep. Instead, you offer kindness, comfort and compassion and instill a sense of hope in what often feels like a hopeless situation. I come to you in tears in tears, but I always leave with a smile. That alone is worth the price of admission. You’re a gracious heart and a beautiful soul, Hunter. xxoo

  5. Jenny is 1st psychic I actually didn’t care how much I spent o time…I needed advice and she was fast and very insightful…God I pray u guided Jenny to tell me right…we will see.

  6. Beth was fun to talk to and gave me answers that I felt I needed. I forgot to ask her about my fairy ring! I guess I’ll let it play out.

  7. Awesome! CherryLyn I’m lost for words. You picked up on my situation without me even telling you about my relationship. Love you CherryLyn, blessings to you.

  8. I really appreciate your note and that meant a lot. Thank you!! You should know I lost my job and you were right. Sad but thanks 🙂 Your other prediction came true too.

  9. Calming and wonderful reading. Thank you! You’re totally spot ON.

  10. Ms. Solutions is extremely holistic. Our connection is very natural. She has helped me spiritual, energetically, mentally, and emotionally.

  11. It was so great to hear your voice Beth….it had been way too long! Thank you again for all of your insight and your humor! There is so much more I wanted to speak with you about but that will have to wait as that particular issue I came to you with seems all consuming at times… truly are a guiding light for me not only in these times of confusion but your words and wisdom stay with me (thank god). Thank you Beth. It does mean the world and you truly are a gift.

  12. Thanks Genia for your great honesty and caring. Trying to get strength.

  13. Serenity was very easy to talk to. I am hoping her prediction comes true like before.

  14. Emma is the best there is, truly! She knows exactly what’s going on in any given situation, exact personal details without a single fault or prompt and has the warmest, most caring heart around! She just blows me away with her level of detail and accuracy every time that I have the privilege of speaking with her. Emma connects so well that there’s always an immediate and uncanny.

  15. Your predictions and visions are as lovely and love-affirming as you are. My deep and loving gratitude for your unfailing guidance, wisdom, and support. Thank you Julia.

  16. Martha, you are unbelievable! Thank you for your great advice. Things from our last session are starting to come to fruition. You were right about my partner’s sister, that she is not ready to kick her problem and that she would get entangled in a legal mess. And boy were you spot on!

  17. Genia!!! You wont believe who just texted me tonight. Okay you will believe it since you told me he would contact me. You are so right!!! Thank you so much! You truly are gifted! – Kelly

  18. She was amazing. I am so lucky to have chosen her as my psychic the first time. She’s always spot on.

  19. He really had insight into the person I was asking about and totally understood why they act the way they do and the causes. Alex helped me understand and now I can try and work through my situation.

  20. Ruby has been advising me a few times and she is truly gifted. From the first call she was able to say Scorpio man, i see the party. i see this without any input from me. She is wonderful.

  21. I had a reading with Liam. I just love love love his energy:)) He was honest and direct! Thanks a million Liam for seeing what I needed to know! GOD BLESS YOU!

  22. A true pleasure to talk with Liam!!!! That guy knows everything! So Awesome!

  23. Thanks Vickie. Thanks a lot… The info u gave…everything happened till the last detail… You are amazing.

  24. I just loved my reading with Vickie! It’s worth waiting for her.

  25. Noel is always a delight! She could read his energy so well and described him to a T. She’s a great advisor and friend!

  26. Love Katie! She’s always very patient.

  27. Pleasure as always speaking with her. Cherrylyn was very easy to talk to and she was very quick.

  28. Very good. I connected with Shemere right away and her time frame projections are always accurate.

  29. Vivian was very thoughtful yet direct in her reading. Helped me understand what is happening.

  30. I enjoyed this reading. Hoping Dorothy’s predictions comes true and she gave some insightful advice.

  31. Ginnie was wonderful! Within minutes, she picked up on things that other advisors haven’t and some of which I can validate. I feel like we really connected. Ginnie‘s honest, but compassionate and very direct in her approach. She will not mislead you or lie to you.

  32. Amazing- I call Noel all the time. She had so many kind things to say and the overall reading was very positive much to my relief. Noel really helped put my mind at ease. I will definitely call her again!

  33. Awesome. Thank you Taylor for being there for me!!! So much love and light!!

  34. I love Gia! She’s been there for me throughout my current situation, and is extremely accurate about my poi. What I love most about her is the fact that she’s honest about your situation and tells you the absolute truth to spare pain from the situation down the line. I’ll always come back to Gia.

  35. Lovely.. as always! Thank you for your help Jason. You are truly gifted.

  36. Sandy, thank you so much for your patience in helping me through this tough time. You read my situation so well and when you gave me a date , it happen right on that day as you mentioned.

  37. Zylisaa, you’re one of the best. I am really thankful for your gift as you saved me with it. thanks!

  38. Thank u. Anyways, if Ruby can read these reviews I apologize we got cut off while you were talking mid-sentence. My budget is quite restricted so I have to limit my talk time but I’ll save up for another call. Again, thank you for the beautiful message with the trees. Very serene picture. Thanks!

  39. Robin correctly predicted that I would see my POI at an event and have a nice conversation. She has a very sweet aura about her, and she also has some very impressive empathic capabilities. Thank you, Robin!

  40. Evelyn is simply marvelous and am very fortunate and feel grateful for the time we have spent conversing. Evelyn, I will definitely return and follow up with the progress. Thank you for your wonderful gifts and insights to my situation.

  41. Wonderful reading. Robin pinpointed the issue easily and provided excellent guidance.

  42. Lisa, please pray for me. He got back, showed me that he wants to leave her, I got so happy, everything was going so well… and then he thought that I was seeing someone else and he blocked me and vanished, and not responding to me anymore. I’m going insane.

  43. Savanna’s insight was remarkable. Hope all her projections come true for me. I left the call feeling very positive and hopeful for the near future. I just have some healing to do first. Thank you Savanna.

  44. Tula has always been on track for me. Sweetest person ever and definitely has insight. Will see what happens and I feel she is on target..

  45. Jayson is simply fantastic caring and consistent with his predictions. He truly cares about his clients and i have faith in his predictions. Will always call him and you should too!!

  46. Zylisaa, I wanted you to know that Christian is in rehab. I drove him there this morning. You have been so amazingly kind, compassionate and accurate through this process. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with you Zylisaa. I will be calling soon to update. Thank you for all you do:)

  47. Rhia, thank you so much for everything!! We will see what happens… Staying positive. Hoping to see progress soon in all areas of what’s going on in my life.

  48. Thank you Sally, I took your advice… I will be seeing him over the weekend. But my heartache was my cat, you told me she was sick.. I had to put her down yesterday.. I am very very sad that she is no longer in my life she was my protector and always loved me… she will be missed. Thank you for your advice Sally.

  49. I cannot thank you enough Aurora, I enjoyed our conversation. You truly put my mind at ease. The information that you gave me in regards to J, really helped me get a better grip on the situation and why he is gone into a shell for lack of better explanation. I look forward to talking to you and updating you on our progress, I hope it comes sooner than later. Thank you for helping me Aurora. Truly it was like talking to a great friend but so much more cause there was no judgment.

  50. Thank you for your love and light as always. I will stay positive that everything will work out as it is supposed to. Love you Kiara.

  51. Thanks Sita. In our first reading several months ago, you told me that it would beFebruary until I found my dream job! Although I am still interviewing, I have managed to make it through and sleep at night! I am delighted that you confirm yet again that I am selling, moving my home, starting a new job and moving forward with a new love! I was sorry to run out of time as I was curious about the “11th house” you mentioned regarding the introduction to my new man via work or friends. All sounds good!

  52. Shelly, you are a true “”GEM””! Thank you so much for the reading. Saying thank you will not be enough.

  53. As always, no fail, Vivian brings accuracy, truth, lucidity, hope, and joy to every reading, to every issue I have put forth. Her peerless wisdom, loving guidance and genuine caring become my North Star especially when I begin to feel overwrought.

  54. Beyond the prodigious psychic gift she has, one that calms at times my restless spirit, replenishes my wobbling faith that my love life will work out, Kiara’s intelligence and cultural sophistication is a joy to behold.

  55. I love and trust you Tanya. Tanya, please don’t ever leave because I don’t know what I would do without you! Bless you!!! Xoxo

  56. Kiara, I told you whatever you told me I would believe based on all the reviews I have read. there was not one review that I read that was not amazing. You are a true gift to so many! I believed in my heart that Michael and I will resolve and be back together and in time have a life together.

  57. Michael is very in tune to my situation and very accurate in his readings.

  58. Kristine’s awesome as always. She totally remembered my name and even my ex’s name despite being very different name. She’s just awesome!

  59. Wonderful. Thank you Samantha, you are a forever friend and guide. You have helped me so much, I love you!

  60. Luke is really great. He should be reading more often as a lot of clients are looking for him. He’s very remarkable at what he does.

  61. Awesome as always Sonia. You are phenomenal.

  62. She is truly the best!! Will call you soon Brandy…

  63. Dear Ginnie – thank you so much for your time today! I can’t express how grateful I am. Your thoughtful insight into the complicated situation really touched me. I will keep you posted on the timeline of events and try to maintain my pulled back energy until he comes forward. Patience is a virtue I’m learning :). Many blessings!!

  64. Ricardo is very good. I highly recommend this Advisor.

  65. Wow!!! I guess I am going to make a move to Ireland! Don’t know who was more excited about that, me or her. Sita was great to talk to, like I was talking to a friend I’ve had all my life. Fabulous. I will be calling back. Thanks so much, Sita.

  66. I loved my reading with Heidy today. This was the second reading with her in a month’s time and same outcome. This reading was very accurate with person and situation. I feel she is very genuine and cares. I love also how she connects with her spirit guides. I was given lots of insight and details.

  67. Heidy, you’re so lovely. I owe you my peace of mind.

  68. Wow is all I can say… Rita and top advisors are saying the same thing with my situation. I came away knowing I am on the right path and looking forward to my future!

  69. Pretty much everything Ricardo says happens. It’s amazing. Looking forward to the rest.

  70. Jules, thanks for guiding me in my journey. I will follow your advice. Thanks a lot of being patient and accurate.

  71. Sita, you are fantastic!!! You’re incredibly amazing! I will keep you posted.

  72. I so enjoy speaking with Christopher. He is an excellent psychic and a great person to run things by. Deserves 10 stars!!

  73. Another great reading from Tina! She’s so right about everything.

  74. Can she get any sweeter??? Nancy has been keeping with the same prediction for a while now. She is great!

  75. Dee has been sticking by her prediction since the beginning and I trust that all will happen just as she says. Her compassion and honesty is what I love most about her.

  76. Thank you Robin for the reading. I am very grateful for having gotten a hold of you. You provided me with the answers i was seeking.. Please pray for R and i to work things out 🙂

  77. Katherine, you’re an angel, you know things whitout me telling about them I pray God you are right about my job and my love. God bless you! Call you back with news!

  78. Love you Heidy. Everything you say rings true in my heart. I’m trying to stay positive but just found out he has a girlfriend, all this time he has been flirting.

  79. I’m not sure where to begin – so I will start with what matters most to everyone looking to get a reading from Sita – All of her predictions, including the “”big one”” happened just as she said they would, even though at the time it seemed impossible. 🙂 What I want everyone to know about Sita is how empowering she is – she answers your questions with honesty & accuracy, and will give you the tools you need to cope with whatever is bothering you.

  80. I am so excited. I am finally at ease with the whole situation, at ease like i have never been before. “All is well” as you said. I don’t know for sure why, but I am breathing a sigh of relief… and feel good. Thank you, Alicia and we will chat soon.

  81. A great, in-depth reading as always! Thanks Nancy!

  82. So dead on it’s scary. Thanks Katherine. I’ll keep you posted.

  83. Always the best. You’re always accurate, Katherine.

  84. Katherine, it was simply great talking to you. Thanks!

  85. You can’t hide anything from Robin. She’s great and she amazed me. I just kept saying, “Wow your good!” throughout our chat. I understand so much more now after speaking with her. She is also honest.

  86. I love Anna – she is such a kind soul, and very gifted. I always come out of my readings breathing a little lighter! Thank you Anna!

  87. I can’t thank Alicia enough for never giving up on me everything. She has been telling me has transpired it took a while but she was adamant that it was going to happen and it had finally we are both so excited.

  88. I’m always so impressed by your great detail and accuracy. I know you’re right, Ashley!

  89. I love reading with Debra! Her voice is soothing, she speaks thoughtfully and clearly and she’s very accurate. She’s also consistent no matter how much time has passed. Debra is straightforward in a kind way and I appreciate that. Do not hesitate to read with her!

  90. Lina is amazing! Great insight and conversation. She had my POI down to a T. I really appreciate your guidance. Thank you!

  91. Always there when you need him. Thank you very much, Donovan.

  92. You promised you wouldn’t abandon me. Thanks for being a friend, Georgina. You’re not just my psychic now.

  93. Thank you for an excellent reading. I’m going to be calling you more often than not because you are just simply great at what you do, Tammy.

  94. Kind, compassionate, caring. Donovan is my go to person when I need advice. Always spot on.

  95. Ron, I could never thank you enough for helping me through this difficult time. Thank you so much for opening up my eyes. Because of you I now know what to do.

  96. I’m super impressed with Tammy! She gets to the situation down accurately 100%! She was correct on the timeframe of contact. I mean everything about the reading was correct!

  97. On point! This was an accurate and clear reading. I will return to Alicia in the future.

  98. Ginnie is a very compassionate reader with a gentle soul. Her skill set is solid. She delivers well and cares about you as a person.

  99. I never really review psychics but Dee gave me the chills. My grandmother passed away on my birthday and I didn’t tell her anything about her. She was so spot on it gave me chills. She connected with me so accurately. She gave me the validation to move on. Thank you again you are a blessing!

  100. I called Debra with a specific situation and she gave me a clear understanding of what is going on. She gave sound advice and actions I can take. I really appreciate how thorough she is!

  101. Carol really knows what she’s talking about. I asked her a lot of questions about my POI: What he’s thinking? How does he feel about me? Is he a waste of my time?, etc. Carol zoned into his thoughts. I knew she was being honest because some things she mentioned, I already knew. She’s very good. It was my first time calling her and I will be calling her again.

  102. Joy is very nice!! Sorry, we got cut off but thank you for your insight 🙂

  103. Debbie did a wonderful job. I enjoyed her insight. Would recommend to anyone.

  104. I did not give Katherine any extra information. I asked two questions. She paused and answered well. She did not wander with her answers or go off on a tangent. She gave information about events that were already ongoing. I knew this was real — no cards, no assistance — only inspiration with the divine spirits. I would say she definitely has the gift.

  105. Aurora was very accurate regarding my love life, my past, and my present. She picked up on my character and personality very well!

  106. Nicole was honest and nonjudmental, but most importantly she was accurate. I will be back when predictions come to pass. Highly recommend a reading with her.

  107. Always 5 star! Carol is absolutely an empath. She knows and feels everything.

  108. Serenity, I am so sorry as I ran out of funds! Thank you so much for being so very clear. I appreciate you!

  109. Maya was one of the straightforward psychics I’ve conversed with. She wasted no time in getting to the point and didn’t ask a lot of questions, which I liked. Waiting to see what happens next.

  110. Troy is direct and pretty much consistent with predictions.

  111. As some one said, Tula is moody but good. She is really good in picking up thoughts.

  112. Sorry, I ran out of funds. Thank you for the insight. Feels so much better after speaking with you, Serenity. Thanks again!

  113. Bettina is the real deal. Doesn’t waste your time and money. Straight to the point. Loved the conversation.

  114. Alex is an amazing empath! Alex connects instantly to the situation and reads POI ‘s thoughts , feelings and emotions .Thank you Alex for your honesty , straightforwardness, accuracy and nonjudgmental deliverance.

  115. Carol is quick and accurate with any info regarding specific people, she is the Go To when you need to get in someone’s head and understand what’s going on with a specific person/their behavior. If you need to know why a person is acting the way they are, Carol is the one to call. Always.

  116. Katherine was helpful told me what I needed to confirm.

  117. Shana is good on telling you what she hears. Like her no beating around the bush. It’s brilliant I gave her a 5 as she was absolutely fantastic.

  118. She has her days when she’s more compassionate than others but all in all, Nicole gives a rather honest reading of what she is being told.

  119. Grace gives accurate info on my situations. Thousand thanks for her assistance for me in this point of time. Wish her and all a blessing.

  120. Laura is precise and compassionate.

  121. Katherine is wonderful and in my readings very very insightful. Nails things for me. Predictions and advice wonderful. Highly recommended. Straight forward, delivers what she hears or sees without rose colored glasses. Have not had a bad reading. Excellent!

  122. Thanks for your reading and time, Sena!

  123. Excellent reading was so exactly right about me and my family members. Prediction on relationship issues are still pending. Will post another review when they come to pass. Will be calling Nancy back again for sure!! Nancy was awesome!

  124. Tula is excellent at picking up people feelings. She’s been right all along.

  125. Robin, you are awesome and truly those angels speak with you. i will take heed on everything that was spoken with me. i will be patient with him.

  126. I wish I had tons more money to call her again and again. Great thing is, Katherine is very respectful of a caller’s money and time and works rapidly to deliver the essence and then expands as time allows! Highly recommend!

  127. Denise is excellent as always. She’s amazing accurate and prediction happens. She cares for her client. Thank you.

  128. I’m blown away. Thank you, Maya.

  129. She’s on point, I don’t know what else to say. I have a problem with inpatients, and people always tell me to be patient but Maya just said “just wait” and I know that’s exactly what I have to do–I just have to wait for him and be calm 🙂

  130. Jules has a unique style but she never sure when I ask her the question…

  131. 5 stars as always!! Michele’s talent is amazing!

  132. Dominique is gifted and amazing. She’s sweet and will not be leaving the client with a lot more questions.

  133. I do believe Katerena tells what she sees. It is truly an amazing the experience.

  134. She’s amazing. Hopefully, everything Sita said will come true again.

  135. I always get such confirmation from Robin. She’s a definite favorite.

  136. Roxanne’s very sweet, always remembers me and I just feel good, and hopeful after I speak with her. She does a great job at picking up on a persons character, and feelings. Love Roxanne!

  137. This was my first reading with Emily and it won’t be my last. She was so accurate and specific with details. She picked up on a loved one who passed tragically.

  138. Richard really has a gift. He is a real deal!

  139. Michele was able to tune in to my issues and helped me gain a lot of insight.

  140. I have never felt more confident about the accuracy of a reading in my life with Sable.

  141. As always, Sable is spot on and super encouraging. She knows how to help direct you to new and brighter horizons.

  142. I can’t say anything bad to Zuri. She’s always doing her best to help.

  143. Incredibly accurate, kind demeanor and predictions are starting to unfold as told. I am a believer of her psychic abilities and will continue to read with her! Ginnie’s wonderful! Give her a try!

  144. April is so sweet to talk with. She is a kind and compassionate reader. She had read for me dozens of times and she’s always on point. Try her, You won’t be disappointed.

  145. Thomas is great! He’s been helping me move on and he’s been very patient. I am so grateful.

  146. Carol is wonderful! She has an amazing ability to tune into the situation quickly. She communicates in a very clear manner, so you know exactly what’s going on. She has wonderful empathy, and a fantastic sense of humor. She tuned into my POI and sensed what he was feeling in his body. Excellent reading!!!

  147. Connected with the situation and gave great advice! Dee is trustworthy.

  148. Penny is so kind and quick with her readings. She is compassionate and I am waiting to see if everything comes into fruition!

  149. Accurate and helpful. Looking forward to seeing Thomas prediction unfold.

  150. This was my first reading with Francine and I’ll admit, I was scared. Francine put my fears to rest – she was kind, caring, sympathetic, easy to talk to. What she told me was right in line with another trusted advisor.

  151. Zen is very accurate and kind! She’s my favorite now.

  152. Spot on! He could be my brother! Will be in touch Donovan!

  153. Kelly just flowed with information and even described my poi’s home which there is no way she could have guessed! Kelly was wonderful to read with and very honest!

  154. She pick up right away. Richelle is undoubtedly a good reader. Worth every penny on her.

  155. Thomas has blown me away and I trust what he tells me.

  156. Extremely honest, genuine. Didn’t waste any time. Immediately tapped into my exact situation without me giving any information. I highly recommend Robin.

  157. Sena’s amazing. I am surely going to call her back. Too bad I ran out of funds. I’m definitely calling Sena again.

  158. AnneMarie was wonderful! She’s knew exactly what was happening, how I felt and gave me lots of insight and hope. S

  159. Thank you, finally I had a great reading. You picked up a lot of true elements about myself, personal and professional life. Also, you were able to get me info about my kids which I didn’t expected or wanted to ask about. Thanks again, Donovan.

  160. Zylisaa is extremely accurate! Very detailed. She got it all right. She’s also funny! I look forward to another reading with Zylisaa.

  161. I had to call back and get more! Mimi sees very clearly and is honest. She described events and words exactly as the happened. Again, I’m blown away.

  162. Just want to say thank you Donovan for your advice and understanding, I do hope this situation with my sibling is over in few weeks! Thank you!

  163. Stephanie, thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction. I am so hopeful now, I started to cry after we hung up. It has been a very difficult journey for me. You are the best advisor I have ever spoken to, and I have spoken to many others.

  164. You are amazing. I will call you back soon. Thank you, Zylisaa.

  165. Thank you Brandi for calming me down today. I have been struggling with my ordeal for a long period of time now and you helped me feel better. Just your kind way of explaining things helped me very much. Thank you and God bless your beautiful soul.

  166. I just love Abigail. She sticks to her projections and still remembers me and the last reading I had with her. I feel and believe that Abigail is really gifted. She will not sugar coat, she tells you what she sees and what her guide says.

  167. Confirmed information she gave me on last reading and it was all correct! Tracy is one of the very few who was honest with me. She did not give me false hope for something she knows isn’t going to happen. I respect her for that more than anything!

  168. Great job! Ran out of time but Samara is definitely on point with her readings. Hope to talk with you again soon. Give her a call, you wont be disappointed.

  169. Another reading with Stephanie, another uplifting slice of life . Stephanie is as genuinely caring as she is prodigiously gifted, is always true and moving. Thank you for being the blessing that you are to the world.

  170. Annie brings such clarity to the situation and puts everything where it belongs! The accuracy, intelligence and consistency of her readings always given with such warmth, caring, and humanity is truly uplifting.

  171. Delightful! Thank you AnneMarie. You’ve always been truthful about everything.

  172. Thank you for being there for us, Peaches. I know you are tired but you are awesome. May you always be blessed to help everyone.

  173. Thank you Cecilia for being here for me and everyone else! I asked my guardian angel for a crystal clear sign and you gave it to me today… Thanks for reminding me about what Bashar says “excitement” is all about. You’re correct, nothing is a coincidence.

  174. Zylisaa is such a lady! She makes you feel so welcome and taking care of.

  175. Thank you, Troy. You are so awesome and kind. You make me feel at ease all the time.

  176. Bryan is one of the best! He is incredibly caring and nurturing.

  177. Looking forward to your timelines, Jennifer… Thank you for your readings.

  178. Samara is one my favorites. She really did her best to help as a psychic. Very nice and real.

  179. Robin, you are so motherly, I felt so calm in our reading. I feel very lucky to have spoken with her, she is truly a genuine psychic. Will speak with her again!

  180. Cecilia was very nice to speak to. Very disappointing that my time ran out so quickly, we were just getting into the heart of things when time ran out. She is a very nice and easy to speak too. Will definitely call again.

  181. Fantastic! Samara is spot on and she’s very patient. Give her a try.

  182. Antonia is definitely the real deal. Expect her to tell the truth even if it hurts.

  183. Sue, you were right again! You were so amazing! Thank you…

  184. Aurora, you are absolutely correct with your prediction. Your timeframe is so accurate. It is truly indeed going back to normal and even better with A. You are really gifted.

  185. I love you mother Sita! The reading with you was so inspiring, I wanted to continue hold onto your spiritual hand. Thank you so very much my beautiful mother. Know you’re always in my heart and my thoughts.

  186. Ella’s consistency and faith in what she sees continues to amaze me. Only time will tell, but nothing will change how I feel about Ella. She’s a simply marvelous, beautiful human and friend.

  187. I connected very well with Alexander. Ha can tap into situation real quick and he’s always accurate.

  188. Thank you, Alex! I just get myself all worked up… I am so glad you were on so early in Sun morning.

  189. I love Tula! She has a peaceful way about her and I feel better after talking to her. I feel like I am on the right path. Tula knows so many things and has been right on for me!

  190. Sorry Shirley, we got disconnected so fast. I enjoyed my reading with you as usual. Thanks for the information, it made sense to me. I will give you a call soon with an update.

  191. Jules is very easy to talk to and felt we had a great connection. Thanks!

  192. I’ve been reading with Natalie for awhile now. Needless to say, her gift is undeniable. Lately, I’ve gotten into the routine of taking notes and her predictions have come to fruition. At the time of the readings, I would think ” no way” and it’s not only come to pass but it’s delivered in a gentle, confident manner.

  193. Lana is amazing as usual. I’m just waiting for the prediction to pass now and it’s so hard since I am not very good in waiting…

  194. Wow. Trisha is as wonderful as everyone says!

  195. Jeni, my new friend I’ve yet to meet! I’m waiting for the day when I can let you know that everything has opened up just as you’ve been seeing/saying all along. Your predictions came to fruition a few times and hoping this one will do as well.

  196. Things are happening exactly as Carmen has predicted… Several things have unfolded as she said they would. It’s a little scary to watch but surreal to see it happen exactly as she said it would. I trust her completely. Thanks Carmen!

  197. I had a short reading but I love Kate’s sincerity. Thank you very much.

  198. Ginnie is consistently correct about my job and my personal life!

  199. I had a positive reading with Antonia. She’s always on target and honest.

  200. I always enjoy talking to Trisha. She is extremely accurate and explains everything… Love her!

  201. Teresa is outstanding. She truly has a gift and I would rate her at the top of the top!

  202. What can I say? You always cheer me up when I am down. Thanks, Madeline. I will be calling you soon.

  203. Thank you. I owe you my peace, Zoe. You have no idea how much you saved me.

  204. Amber is the real deal. She is very accurate and one to trust. You will definitely spend your time and money choosing to listen to her advice.

  205. Kate is definitely one of the top advisors on here. She is great and very accurate. She described a person down to things that he has said to me, exact words! She is truly gifted and highly recommended.

  206. I’m so glad I finally got a hold of you, Vanessa! Thank you for your insights and we shall see if the ex returns as you predicted… So far, you have been right on with the timeframes which I love! It’s so hard to find precise readers such as yourself.

  207. Fantastic person, very warm hearted and honest. It takes patience to get through to Astra but it’s well worth the wait.

  208. Sorry, I ran out of minutes. You were great and I hope to speak with you soon, Mike!

  209. I finally was able to get through to Jeni! She is a pure gem. Her additional confirmation on the result of my current situation really put my mind at ease. Thanks Jeni!

  210. Lily is so good with her readings. If something she says doesn’t make sense at the time, it will unfold at a later time and you will say “ah, that’s what she was talking about”. She’s accurate and honest.

  211. Ran out of money but I will definitely call Jules back. She was quick and accurate.

  212. I have been reading with Ginger for awhile now. It’s always a pleasure to have a reading with her.

  213. Serenity is one of only three I regularly read with. What makes Serenity unique is she is very quick, articulate and excellent at reading personality types. She has supported me while being honest. There’s a very strong reason she’s the very sought after.

  214. I had another accurate reading! Thank you once again, Gabrielle.

  215. She lets me know what is going on and what is going to happen. Zen is so supportive. I just need to be patient.

  216. Amazing. Arjun sees things and feels people’s feelings and actions. Just amazing.

  217. Thank you so much my dear Stacy, I really needed this reading. it was so great. Thank you of course, I will share all my happiness with you and call you when it happens.

  218. Serenity made me feel calm and she reassured me on issues and things that have been bothering/upsetting me for awhile now. She’s very kind and prompt with typing back.

  219. The information Daisy provides is so detailed and accurate. Her predictions and direction in my life is invaluable! I am so thankful for Daisy’s kindness.

  220. Ronnie is the top. Love her and when I get to talk to her, I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

  221. Amber is very accurate. She tunes in situations and people’s mind very well. Her predictions are right on, as if she sees the future details in front of her. Amazing!

  222. I love Emma. I’m sure everything she told me is going to happen.

  223. Camille is like a friend and she’s very caring. You can feel her kindness along with her good advice.

  224. Vanna is phenomenal! Something she told me a week or two ago has just come to pass and she was correct! I have to say that in all my years of speaking to psychics, Vanna is the best so far. I have never come across anyone like her!

  225. Katerena is so good. She did what she’s good at and gave me all that I need to move on.

  226. Janet is so good. I can’t wait to talk to her again.

  227. Every reading has been accurate. If you have any doubts, have a chat with Ginnie and you’ll be enlightened.

  228. Thank you Tess for all insight and helping me to see the situation in a different light. You are always right on and I am waiting for your next prediction to unfold. Thanks for putting up with me always repeating my self over and over you are patient and very caring.

  229. Thank you so much, Amber! I appreciate the clarity of your insight and I am so happy to have spoken with you tonight!

  230. Hannah really deserves so many more reviews than I have left but I talk to her so much that it would seem ridiculous. She is so amazing.

  231. Emma has been guiding me through a very long and difficult transition. She was able to answer many of my questions and made sense of my life. Her reassurance and guidance has meant more to me than I can possibly ever say.

  232. Tasha’s great with situation. She was totally spot on.

  233. I had a great connection with Rocco. He made great prediction in-line with reality and helped me in making the right decision.

  234. Karina knows exactly what they’re feeling and thinking and she knows exactly what is going on in their lives. She said there was a child having nightmares getting brainwashed and it was all true. Karina can tell you specifically what people are feeling and what they’re doing.

  235. Zen is the real deal. She relates to each situation with this knowing that things always work out the way they need to. Zen is a rare gem! You will not be disappointed.

  236. Ronnie’s is always accurate. She said my kids would meet my boyfriend unexpectedly and I didn’t think that was possible. Then this weekend, my son walked into the house while my boyfriend and I were walking out. Unexpected just like she said.

  237. Ginnie is my go to psychic when I want real and clear answers.

  238. This was a phone reading and Brooke was fast, direct and accurate. I was blown away by her quickness and ability to tune in without any info.

  239. Annabelle was able to tell me the details of a phone conversation and the next day it was confirmed to me that what she told me was exactly what was spoken about. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease once again.

  240. Thank you for giving me strength, Kayla. I really appreciate all your efforts.

  241. Lily is one of my favorites . She is so in tune and can provide incredible detail of any situation. Thank you Lily.

  242. I didn’t get the chance to properly thank you tonight, Shana. I trust your guidance without any hesitation and I appreciate your ability to calm my nerves and make me see how beautiful the future is for my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  243. Very accurate. Hannah provided real answers to my questions. I know she’s honest and very gifted.

  244. Thanks for keeping me strong the other night, Dee. Wonderful reader!

  245. Love her… Janet shares a lot of info in a short time frame and she’s worth the money. Waiting for predictions to happen, if so I will be very fortunate and happy.

  246. The predictions was to hear from the POI within 5 days and it surprisingly happened. Ginger was spot on with last prediction. Will try to find out.

  247. Giselle was warm and kind while doing my reading which I really appreciated! Her empathic abilities are excellent, and really resonated with me when she described the characteristics and feelings seen with my person of interest. Thank you and God bless you, Giselle.

  248. Serenity gave me a very detailed answer especially since my question was not very specific. The reading was great!

  249. Sita is always a breath of fresh air to talk to! I’m so happy to have spoken to her today! She accurately predicted a few days back that she sees my poi consulting a possible investor about his business.

  250. Never enough stars for Millie. She’s kind, gifted, knowledgeable and incredibly caring. So thankful to have her with me on this journey.

  251. This was my first reading with Hannah and it wasn’t my last either! Hannah is amazing and she tunes in very quickly. She gave me some much needed guidance and advice with my POI.

  252. Sita is simply the best for me. I read with her the first time 2 years ago and she said I was going to meet my ex something with books. She described her to a T! My ex was a model and I met her through a magazine fun ad. I never knew of that until it happened. She can see past, present and remote future.

  253. Thank you, Raine. I hope it all starts to come together soon. I’m glad I have you to talk to.

  254. Dom, you are amazing… I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for always being there for me, your accuracy is off the charts.

  255. Bianca is excellent at what she does. Always spot on, so caring and compassionate. Love her!

  256. Lana, it was so nice to talk to you again. I wish I could talk everyday, I feel like I’m talking with my best friend who has so much information. I wouldn’t know how to handle this situation without you, Lana.

  257. Lydia was correct again on her vision. The fact she doesn’t generalize readings and can give timelines as it relates to when things won’t happen is amazing. She is one of the few who doesn’t read based on your desire to want something to happen. Nor does she base her readings on your mood or energy. Lydia has a true gift.

  258. Thank you so much for your help, Molly. You don’t know how good it felt to know you remembered me from such a small and brief interaction months ago. You truly are the real deal and I thank you for giving me hope even with me ready to forget about it. We shall talk soon.

  259. I’m blown away, Taylor is worth the wait. I’m waiting for predictions to pass but I totally trust her, she’s amazing!

  260. Tasha is worth the wait to speak with. She has an incredible memory and understands what is happening without much information. Very consistent and Tasha has a compassionate style.

  261. Just love Shana, she’s honest and very accurate.

  262. It was a great information, Donovan. I can trust you to always say what is real instead of fantasy.

  263. You are and always will be my saving grace, Savannah. May God continue to grant you the ability to help others that seek your guidance and their truth.

  264. Thank you so much for your insight, you really helped me so much during a difficult time. I really appreciate it! Big hugs from California. The call ended and I am sorry I couldn’t say goodbye but you are amazing and I really enjoyed how thoroughly you explained things for me! Thank you, Lydia!

  265. Ronnie has been my go to. I always feel better after I chat with her. I’m still waiting on predictions to come to pass.

  266. She was absolutely amazing. I could have spoken to her for hours. I truly did love her. She was sweet, patient, and funny, and not to mention very understanding. Destiny is worth every penny.

  267. No one is as genuine and gifted as Lizzy. I’ve had some dreams recently, she interpreted the meaning behind them and the theme occurred last summer too. I’m grappling with fears. She explained the fear and knowing what my subconscious was trying to tell me was awakening. Every time we speak, I feel like I’m sitting on a therapy couch. Plus she’s psychic so she tells me how the other is feeling towards me. I love it. She’s my absolute favorite.

  268. Dom, you are an angel. I can’t wait to speak to you again. Thank you!

  269. Thanks John for having chat readings available. I’m from Asia so its much easier to have a chat reading. You are incredibly detailed and insightful and very kind. Thank you.

  270. Brooke is spot on . . . She read my entire situation and I pray her predictions come to pass! Thank you so much!

  271. Hey Valerie! I’m going to really sit with the readings you gave and redirect my thoughts! I’m just going to have to wait it out! Thank you so much for the predictions. I’ll be back to report.

  272. Great job, Sita. We got cut off but I got the message I need. Thanks for your patience.

  273. She truly has an amazing gift. She said same things as other top advisors but she was able to go more into depth. Annabelle picked up extra things without any information. I am glad I waited 2 days to get her insight. She’s amazing! Praying and hoping that her predictions come to light!

  274. Luke is amazing. He is the best on the site. Most of his prediction have a occurred.

  275. Ginnie is always honest and says what she can and can’t see or feel. She has consistently seen the same outcome for several readings and only time will tell if so, but I trust her implicitly and hope she is right! She also gives great advice so on top of her psychic abilities, she is a great councilor and advocate and friend! Love you!

  276. She’s amazing as always. We both are stuck on why POI is acting/doing what he’s doing, but I trust in Jackie that he will be back!

  277. Wow! Talia cares about what happening in your life and gives you peace of mind. She has been correct about my situation and her predictions have been correct as well. When she gives you information and insights, believe her. She has been blessed with a true gift.

  278. Thanks for the reading today, Sena. I hope you’re right about me and W. Will call and update you before the end of this month.

  279. Of course, I don’t expect anything less. Patrick advised me with total compassion and accurate description of the current situation. Patrick even sent me a personal message to further comfort and reassure me. That was so nice! Thank you!

  280. Marc is awesome! He’s been right about everything and I can’t be more thankful about it.

  281. So happy that Ginger is here. She’s my lucky charm.

  282. Tula is 5 stars all the way. She is a direct reader and won’t tell you something just because that’s what you want to hear.

  283. Thanks Amber for your reading 🙂 I am convinced with what you see… Wish I could talk soon!

  284. Can’t wait to speak to you again over the phone, Yvonne! I have something to update you with what you have predicted! You are really awesome!

  285. Beth was amazing! Waiting for predictions to unfold by 3rd week! Thank you so much.

  286. You were right, Ginger! He wanted to get back with me in the exact way you predicted it! I followed your advise of not letting it happen! I’m getting back in line with you! You are awesome!

  287. I figured out what motivated me to my decision. It was if he was going to continue shopping for other girls and he does not like me or want me so why bother to continue with the charades of doing everything together like a couple would. I’m not sure what will happen but thank you for helping out.

  288. Sena deserves more than 5 stars! I have done readings with her for a few months now and her abilities are excellent. Most of her predictions have come to pass. I am facing a difficult situation and Sena helps to ease my mind. She is honest and nonjudgmental. I only get to speak with her for short while, but I get lots of insight.

  289. He mentioned that they do not have communication anymore. Will update you when we finally have a normal life, Sydney. He also agreed to go to counseling. Hope you are well and thanks again for all of your continued positive energy and support.

  290. I don’t know where my work location change is going to take me to and am sort of in panic mode now but Ronnie put my mind at ease by predicting this as very good decision and happiness in the future. I hope I feel happy soon for overall with career and personal life wise. I feel I’m in such a mess but I would like to think its not as bad as I feel. Thank you Ronnie for your advice.

  291. Marc is very insightful and kind. He will give you the truth and will not sugarcoat it.

  292. So real. Donovan is a very good advisor. He gives practical advise to what is really happening and I got clarity from the reading.

  293. Good reading. Looking forward to seeing if Grace’s predictions happen in the next few months but so far, she’s spot on.

  294. Amazing. First reading with Brooke and prediction happened already. She is so nice and very quick. Time goes quick with her and she gets into a lot of detail.

  295. I’ve been speaking with Sarah for awhile now. Her predictions with Z have been right on the money. She has been right in the past and few predictions came to fruition already! She really is a very sincere psychic.

  296. Still have yet to hear and see if predictions pan out, but Lana is on target with my top advisor who is always accurate.

  297. Sweet and easy to talk to. Serenity seemed to dwell on one thing before going to another which makes it easy to understand. She gave plenty of information needed.

  298. Thanks, Ginnie. You always seem to help me see and understand things more clearly when it seems like the events in my life are out of control.

  299. When it was my turn to talk to Ronnie, I got all nervous but she made me feel at ease. Thank you Ronnie and I hope your predictions comes true. Thank you for your advice too.

  300. You cannot go wrong with Hannah. She has always been spot on and I truly trust her.

  301. I gave a 5 star because she was nice and helpful. Daisy was very friendly and I love talking to her.

  302. Very gifted and very accurate. Do you wanna everything behind the curtains? the way people feel with accuracy ? Call Savannah!

  303. Audrey is wonderful! Talk to you soon, I will have to give you an update.

  304. She still remains consistent to what was given in the first prediction. I hope she’s right, Sita. Time will tell.

  305. She is extremely accurate. Highly recommended! I love Alice!

  306. Amber is fantastic. She sees things for how they are. I love her!

  307. Annie is wonderful and she’s very accurate. She has the compassion and the gift.

  308. Dominic is always right. This is the last big thing been waiting for and it seems like been waiting forever but I know i have grown a lot just by talking to her in confidence. Thank you so much!

  309. Destiny was recommended to me by other great advisors on this site. She is very hard to get a hold of but the best ones on here are because they are so good everyone wants to talk to them. Although, she uses tarot cards for her readings and it takes up time to have her shuffle the cards for each question, but if you have the time she is very good at this.

  310. Sorry, I ran out of money!!! Can not wait for next week, I will keep you updated, Rory.

  311. Accurate, insightful and encouraging. I love Sena all the way.

  312. Awesome! You were right on in time frame again, Hamna! I will call and tell you all about it!

  313. I always feel at peace with Gabrielle. She has not steered me wrong. We got cut off and I opted not to add more funds, but I want to give her my heartfelt thanks for being a great and non-judgmental guide. Calling others is fine but she is the best use of resources.

  314. I love Hamna. I haven’t talked to her in months and she picked up where we left off from months ago. Her prediction has come true.

  315. It is always hard to get her but so worth it. Annabelle is always right on target with very few details on my part given.

  316. Nina is so gifted. She deserves a higher rating.

  317. Vera is very detailed and well worth waiting to speak with.

  318. Thank you for the very precise and in depth reading last night. Your incredible psychic abilities and accuracy help me to put the pieces together, Alice. I always feel so much better after speaking to you and I am very grateful for all of the good advice you’ve given me.

  319. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you, Alice. As always, I will keep you posted on us.

  320. Sorry we got cut off without saying goodbye. You are awesome as always. Thank you for your full of insight and helping me to just let things unfold, Ivy. Always my favorite.

  321. Thank you so much. You don’t have any idea how much you helped me.

  322. Excellent! Now, I know what everyone is raving about. I can’t tell on accuracy right now, but the reading was full of details and advice with Dominic!

  323. Annie is always so helpful, and I appreciate that from her.

  324. Thank you for always being so kind, Ivy! Love speaking with you.

  325. You are awesome, Soleil. Thank you for calming me down. I will see what happens.

  326. Valerie is the best! She always provides accurate details and timelines about upcoming events surrounding my career. This is why I continue to consult with Valerie because what she sees happening always does.

  327. Sena’s always good. That reading gave a great update, contact predictions already came to fruition.

  328. She’s a rockstar as always! Love talking with Valerie.

  329. Jennifer’s always honest and truthful with my readings.

  330. She basically said the same thing others said but she did confirm nice things. Manifesting is key. Soleil explained everything in a matter that’s easy to understand.

  331. Daisy is a very strong reader. She provides validation prompts that always come about. Gives strong insights and is great with the card layouts. Thank you.

  332. Katerena is so good natured that she can deliver bad news and have you feel good about it.

  333. Thomas is amazing! He is quick and doesn’t leave any stones unturned.

  334. Francesca is an exceptionally talented, solid reader. Repeated a validation that did appear from our last call, then she added two new validations. Honest, strong, confident, clear. Thank you!

  335. Agnes’s great. I can’t wait to talk to her.

  336. Gabriella’s always on top of everything and remembers details.

  337. Patrick is amazing. Cannot wait to come back and talk to him again.

  338. Love to talk to Mariana. I would love to call her again for more answers.

  339. So quick with the reading. Tera is always detailed, and she always remembers me.

  340. Very fast reader who quickly covered a lot of topics. Kind and encouraging. Thanks, Jennifer.

  341. Serenity provided so much detail in such a short amount of time. She picked up on a bunch of things those other psychics didn’t. Definitely felt like Serenity was my cheerleader.

  342. Rosie’s my favorite. She’s so spot on with her predictions and she just leaves you so much more uplifted than when you started. Even if it’s not what you want, she helps you find the silver lining.

  343. Thank you so much for great advice! You told me exactly what I need to hear and reassuring what’s going on which really calms me down. I’ll do what you told me to do and look forward to seeing the changes coming, Jade!

  344. Great reading with Cherry. Thank you so much for the great advice. I was not seeing how generous the other person has been with me and she explained why she think he has been generous and made me see the bigger picture.

  345. I absolutely love Sammy. I cannot wait for all your predictions to come to pass. Very genuine and to the point reading. I loved it.

  346. Wow! Second time reading with her and she answered questions before I even asked.

  347. First time reading Marlin and she gave great information about my POI and career.

  348. Robin is very accurate, positive and encouraging. She is really there for me through and through. I appreciate how empathetic she is. It’s a blessing to have an inside perspective with her and spirit to help me think carefully about my next career and relationship move.

  349. She’s an amazing person, friend and reader… Trust Valerie and her spirit guides!

  350. Fabulous! Riley was spot on and in the end, she gave me the most comforting advice. I’m excited to see if predictions unfold.

  351. Francesca has remained consistent in her readings so now we wait and see.

  352. I hadn’t read with Robin for a year or more. She immediately tuned in on my situation and my POI – said it was slow moving the last several months but he was coming forward that he missed me and would be in my life. Literally a day after we hung up, he texted. Said he missed me and could we get together. Uncanny, thank you.

  353. Sita was truly amazing. Answered everything in just 10 minutes. Great reading.

  354. Wonderful! She is direct and to the point. Waiting for the outcome. Thanks, Annmarie.

  355. Ginnie types fast and doesn’t waste your time at all! She gave me lots of information in less than 10 minutes. She even gave me information that I didn’t ask for. She’s really sweet, and I hope whatever she told me will come to pass!

  356. Robin called this job opportunity in a previous reading and saw it coming even before I interviewed. Interviewed the following week. Like her energy and will definitely be calling back.

  357. I love Rocco. he’s very accurate and he is a wonderful spirit guide to me when I begin to question myself. He’s well worth the money. Thank God I have a job.

  358. First time caller and all I have to say is… I love her! Tula said so much in so little time and I got all the answers I needed! Her energy is amazing and she just made me so happy. Thank you so much!

  359. Wow, she speaks so quickly and packs as much information and detail as possible into your reading. Allisyn doesn’t waste a second of your time. She’s straightforward but kind, very intelligent, and has a knowingness that’s reassuring when you’re feeling uncertain.

  360. India really helped me look at things from a much more positive, loving space. She was so affirming and supportive and insightful!

  361. I love Annmarie. She’s amazing and hopeful! I’m anxiously waiting for what she predictied!

  362. You can never go wrong with Carol. She is straightforward and will not waste your time.

  363. She’s totally accurate with readings about my son and my job. You should also call Ronnie.

  364. I love Sydney. She is sweet, kind, honest, truthful and caring.

  365. Really nice reading! Ginnie picked up on a lot things with my issues with T. I will keep my positive energy flowing and accept the guidance from the spirits that you say are around me! Thanks so much, Ginnie!

  366. I called about a relationship on two different occasions a month apart. Each time Brooke told me that I would be receiving extra money in 2 months. I never thought about it because it’s not what I was calling about but I actually received unexpected extra money after 2 months on three separate occasions! Thanks Brooke! She is wonderful to talk to and accurate!

  367. Oh my! Samantha is amazing! She is also incredibly fast but thorough in answering your questions. She actually answered a lot of my questions without even being asked just from what she was seeing.

  368. Luke feels like a long-lost friend. It’s like he knows me and knows me well. His readings are amazing and his ability to provide validation has been unbelievable! This is a phenomenal psychic!

  369. He called!! You said that it sooner than I think and boom, we already went out. Thank you for everything, Elizabeth!!!

  370. Rocco is very direct and wastes no time. A lot of information is revealed in the time purchased. He is confident in what he sees and is very good at explaining what he sees.

  371. I adore Jojo. She’s an incredible talented reader and such a lovely, kind person. She always managed to put me back on track when I call her feeling lost. I look forward to speaking with her again.

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