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Understanding Karma

Karma is something that comes and goes with each rebirth. The actions that you do can come back to you both good and bad depending on what you do. The more karma that you gain the more that you will have to pay back. Karma is something that comes to you in your life and can be an action thing through your past and your present actions. Karmic Debt When you make mistakes in your life you will gain ...[Read More]

Understanding Palm Reading

Some people seem like they have their life totally together and then the rest of us have a hard time understanding things and facing things in our life, sometimes on a daily basis. Any kind of information that you can get that will make your life better can help. This can be some kind of advice someone wants to give you, or it can be something else that you might not even expect. One thing that ca...[Read More]

Activating the Third Eye Chakra

Do you want to have more intuition, or do you feel confused? You might even have a psychic gift such as clairvoyance. If you do, these things are found in your third eye chakra. You can increase and open up your third eye by meditating. The third eye chakra is found in the middle of your forehead. Some chakras work with your physical being while others work with the spirit and the mind. The third ...[Read More]

What Do Your Chakras Do?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. The chakras in your body are part of your energy wheels and when they are moving correctly, you will be balanced. Many people that believe in chakras such as yoga practitioners, know that the chakras have been around for years and that many of the thoughts on this came from India. The idea of the chakras was recorded in ancient texts. The texts show that...[Read More]

How to Repay Karmic Debt

Most people have heard the term karma at one time or another but not everyone has heard about karmic debt. Karma is often looked at as something bad but it really is just the accumulation of what you have done in the past, what you are doing in the present and what you will do in the future. Karmic debt is more about what you have done in your past and the choices that you made then that are affec...[Read More]

Eating for the Spirit

Having a wellbeing is more than just what you read or how much you move but also the foods that you eat. Foods can be spiritual, and, in some cultures, foods are very sacred. Some people in the Indigenous American cultures will have a strict diet and will only eat certain things such as: Hindu culture doesn’t eat meat. Jews don’t eat pork. Are you considering changing your diet to be healthy? Read...[Read More]

When You Are Done Trying

When you find that you are chasing something and you are never getting what you need, you might need to move forward. There is no need to keep trying harder when someone isn’t going to ever make you feel that you are enough. Stop spending each day sending out the first texts, always being there and being kind and honest when you aren’t getting it back in return. Stop trying to be there for someone...[Read More]

What It Means to See a Blue Orb

People will sometimes see orbs when they are taking video footage or taking pictures. Some people will see these with the naked eye or even in dreams. No matter when or where you see a blue orb, it is something you will not forget. This can mean that you are about to get a message from the divine. Angel Guides or Spirit Guides Some people believe that when you see an orb that is blue that it can m...[Read More]

Building Your Self-Esteem

In order to have confidence, you have to have self-esteem. Self-esteem shows you what your value is and helps you to feel worthy. Learning to build up your self-esteem can help you to have peace and happiness in your life. People are always struggling with self-esteem issues. Many people let things in their life affect how they feel about who they are such as their job or even their relationships....[Read More]

Gaining Wisdom and Intuition from Eating

It is important to understand that people all over the world have food allergies. There are people that are often allergic to foods because their bodies cannot tolerate them. When you show people food, they will often select foods that their bodies will tolerate. They are able to use their intuition to know what foods are good for them or what foods are bad for them. Your Body and Allergies Your b...[Read More]

Having Healthy Relationships

Maybe you are someone that has been single for a long time, or you are someone that has had their heart broken over and over. If this, is you, you might wonder why you can never be in good relationships. You lose who you are, and you feel that you are not loveable and not valuable. How do you meet the right people? Many people will look to see if they have an instant connection, or they will see i...[Read More]

Getting Over the Spiritual Awakening

It may be hard for you to understand a spiritual awakening unless you have experienced it. This might be something that you remember doing as a child or a time where you felt calm and collected and where you weren’t listening to your inner voice. There are times that are there for you where you are meditating and opening up your body to the awareness of the spiritual world around you. Some psychol...[Read More]

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