When You Are Done Trying

When You Are Done Trying

When you find that you are chasing something and you are never getting what you need, you might need to move forward. There is no need to keep trying harder when someone isn’t going to ever make you feel that you are enough.

Stop spending each day sending out the first texts, always being there and being kind and honest when you aren’t getting it back in return.

Stop trying to be there for someone that never sees your worth and someone that doesn’t see you the same way that you see them.


Don’t change who you are and change what you think for someone. You need to try but once you are always required to try harder, you need to move on. Stop allowing yourself to be exhausted and to work for someone that doesn’t think you are worth it.

Don’t defend yourself to your friends and your family for wasting your time anymore. Allow yourself to think differently and to love yourself more than that.

Playing Games

You should never have to play games and follow rules in relationships that have no rules toward you. Even if you never stop believing in that person, if they aren’t taking care of you in return, you need to be done and you need to put yourself first.

If this person never asked for you to take care of them or to fall for them, maybe that was a sign. Be done trying with them because there shouldn’t be a time where things keep getting harder and are one sided.


You are probably someone that couldn’t fill what was missing in that person’s life. Don’t think that you are the problem when the problem lies inside of them. Stop focusing on what you did wrong and focus on what you did right and what you gave. Stop trying to prove yourself again and again.

Even if you aren’t one to walk away or to quit, it could be time to do that. Have the strength to quit and to find someone that will notice you and will be there with you in your life. Let them feel that you are missing and see what they could have had. Even if you cross paths with them later, let them see how strong you are and how you are no longer broken.

Finding Someone

You will find someone that will care about you and someone that loves you. Give yourself a chance to have happiness. One day they will look at you and see that they lost you and see that it was a mistake on their own part.

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