A Dowsing Reading, can it Make Life Better?

Dowsing Reading

Dowsing is an ancient work where people will use things to find water under the ground. This happens when people hold a stick in their hands and walk around until they find water.

Dowsing is a word that is often used as a spiritual practice. It is a way that people can use an object to help them to do something. This is something that has went back to Egyptian times when people would use things such as pendulums to ask questions and they would use dowsing also to know where to plant things so that their crops would be strong.

Dowsing rods are popular and were popular since the Middle Ages and people would use this tool in order to find things such as oil and water under the ground. Some people now even use dowsing sticks in order to help find missing people.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a way that psychics use a tool in order to answer questions or in order to get answers. They often use this online, and they use a pendulum as their tool. The pendulum is weighted down on a string and when the questions are asked, the pendulum will move a certain direction giving answers depending on how it spins or moves.

The pendulum can use the energy of your mind to work. It also uses the help of the spirit guides to give answers to the psychic. The pendulum only acts as a tool and the information is given from the psychic depending on how the pendulum moves such as side to side or in a circle.

A pendulum that moves up and down in a counter-clockwise way gives the answer no but if the pendulum swings clockwise or moves back and forth faster, it can be a yes answer.

Each way that the pendulum moves will be interpreted by the psychic, and they will be able to give you the interpretations of the answers and the meaning of the pendulum movement. This is a form of dowsing readings and in dowsing, all of the questions have to be yes or no.

Online psychics often use the pendulum when doing online or phone readings because this is an easy way for the psychic to communicate with the spiritual world.

Dowsing Reading

Getting a dowsing reading can help you when you need answers in your relationship, your career, your money situations and when you need to know things about the future.

Dowsing readings are considered to be both very accurate and fast with the answers that you get. This is a quick way that you can get answers and make decisions. When you ask questions based on things of the heart, the dowsing can help you to understand what you need and can help you make decisions based on finding the right partner.

Lost Pets

Dowsing can help you to find a loss pet. If you have a pendulum, you can hang it over something that belongs to your missing pet and the answers that the pendulum gives you can help you to find your missing pet.


Dowsing is one way that you can balance your chakras. When your chakras are unbalanced, it can make you feel sick in your mind, body and soul and dowsing can get your chakras lined back out.

The energy that you use with your dowsing will help you to know where your blockages are, and it will help you to know what you need to do with your energy to heal that part of your body. Someone that is good at pendulum readings will be able to help you to raise your energy levels.


Dowsing is a way that you can help to have better health, know what kinds of relationships you should be in or avoid, helps you to find missing things and can help you to know what to eat, what kind of financial things to do to better your finances or it can help you to live the best life you can.

Find a good psychic reader and make sure that you stay focused, have an open mind and that you are prepared to get the answers that the dowsing gives you.

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