What It Means to See a Blue Orb

Blue Orb

People will sometimes see orbs when they are taking video footage or taking pictures. Some people will see these with the naked eye or even in dreams. No matter when or where you see a blue orb, it is something you will not forget. This can mean that you are about to get a message from the divine.

Angel Guides or Spirit Guides

Some people believe that when you see an orb that is blue that it can mean that your spirit guide or your angel guide is close. A spirit guide will often come as an orb because it doesn’t take as much energy as it does to appear as a full-bodied apparition.

A blue orb can be something that is amazing to experience, and you have to decide on what you think it means on your own depending on what is going on in your life. Here are some things it can mean:

  • That you need to be encouraged.
  • To show you that you aren’t alone.
  • To bring you a supportive or positive message.
  • That a message is coming from the divine.

The Divine Message

One you see the blue orb, here are some things that it can mean for you:

  • To have peace in your life.
  • To have a pure mind and to keep your thoughts calm.
  • To tell you to mediate more.
  • To make you have more faith and to trust your path.
  • To have you express your ideas.

Fifth Chakra and Orbs

The blue orb can come and can represent the fifth chakra, or the throat chakra. This can happen because this is associated with the color blue. The throat chakra helps you to be able to communicate and when you see an orb, it might be coming to you so that you can:

  • Develop better listening and communication skills.
  • To let you know that you need to open up a blocked throat chakra.
  • That you need to allow your emotions to be expressed.

Ghosts and Blue Orbs

Some believe that a blue orb is a ghost. This is a color that means peace and calmness when a spirit comes to you. This can be a spirit that is someone that you have known in the past or even a child spirit. No matter what kind it is, it is peaceful for you.

How Strong is the Color?

The intensity of the color can be important, it can mean:

  • A light blue can mean peace and love.
  • A middle blue can mean that you are protected in the spiritual world.
  • A dark blue can mean that you have made it through something hard and now you are pure.

What Does a Blue Orb Mean to You?

There are different things that a blue orb can mean, and you need to pay attention to what is happening around you so that you can understand the message that the orb is trying to bring you. Find peace in this orb and know it is something good.

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