Gaining Wisdom and Intuition from Eating

Intuition from Eating

It is important to understand that people all over the world have food allergies. There are people that are often allergic to foods because their bodies cannot tolerate them.

When you show people food, they will often select foods that their bodies will tolerate. They are able to use their intuition to know what foods are good for them or what foods are bad for them.

Your Body and Allergies

Your body can tell you when you are allergic to certain foods, and it can help you make food choices that can help your body and give your body the things that you are lacking.


Your intuition can help you in life and not just when you need to make a decision or when you shouldn’t do something, but it is there for you in everything that you do.

Intuition is even part of your eating. Your body is important and when you learn to trust your intuition when you eat, you will see that you can eat better and make better diet choices in your life. When you learn to trust your intuition, you will eat things that are healthier and get past diet fads.

Intuitive eating is about looking at your body and figuring out what healthy foods that you should eat. It is like your body is a police of food and you will have the inner voice telling you when to eat and not eat something.

Eating Right Through Intuition

People that use intuitive eating are able to eat the right kinds of foods and the right amount so that they don’t overeat. They can look at the signals that their body gives them, and they will know what to do and how to be healthier.

Loving Yourself

Learn to be kind with yourself and do not look at images of others or covet their bodies but love yourself for who you are. Do not pressure yourself to be someone else and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Don’t Be Angry At Who You Are

Do not give into the energy of being angry at who you are or what you look like but love yourself for who you are. Have self-love and express this outside of your body so that you can feel your best.

Making Peace with Your Body and Food

When you make peace with food and your body, you will give yourself permission to eat things that make you healthy and make you feel better.

Fighting Hunger with Intuition

Intuitive eating will help you to not be tempted by foods that are bad for you and when you bite into something, you ask yourself if this is good for your body or not. This is one way that you can fight hunger and that you can know when you should stop eating so that you don’t get too full.

Be Mindful

Being mindful is one way that you can make good food choices and when you take time to think about what you are putting in your mouth, you will be less likely to eat something. You will be less likely to do emotional eating.

Body Care

Intuitive eating is a way that you can care for your body, and you can be mindful. This is a way that you can take time to love yourself and the food that you eat. Decorate your plate, set a place at the table, and let intuitive eating give you power.

Let this kind of eating help you to no longer feel guilty or to judge yourself but to learn to love your food and to love the person that you have become along the way.

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