Four Types of Indigos and How They Survive


Anyone who is an indigo person will know that the main factor of an indigo person is the color indigo. This color will be in that persons aura from the time that they are born until their life moves on.

Indigos are different and there are different kinds of indigos including humanists, artists, conceptualists, and catalysts. Each of the indigos are different and they deal with life in a different way.

If you are an indigo and you want to know what kind you are, keep reading. Each indigo has their own personality and sometimes you can fit with more than one kind of indigo.

Types of Indigos

There are four main types of indigos including:


A humanist is a person that loves the world and loves to talk to others. They love to help with what is right and they are politically minded, and they want to see people connected and loved by others. They want to talk to everyone, and they try to find out ways to do this such as through technology.

The humanist indigo is:

  • Social.
  • They love to talk.
  • They relate to everyone.

The humanist purpose is:

  • To connect with everyone using technology and other means.

Humanists are often very social, and they are very active. They need to make sure that they are staying grounded if they feel off balance or if they feel dizzy or out of energy. They can do this by meditating on their chakras or by using crystals. They can use the crystals hematite, jasper, and obsidian to help ground themselves. If you are a humanist indigo, you should focus on your throat chakra so that you can keep your communication strong.


The artist is one that is very creative, and they are born with creative genes, and they can do things such as paint, sing, play music and other exciting things. They are very sensitive, and they sometimes are overly emotional. The emotions that they have are important to them and they are great at expressing how they feel.

The artist indigo is:

  • Creative
  • Very expressive
  • Sensitive or even an empath
  • Very emotional.

The artist purpose is:

  • To make people more expressive and open.

The artist indigo is likely an empath and will need to keep their energy strong. They will feel everything, and they need to use stones that will keep them safe and grounded. They need to use things that will protect their energy such as the labradorite or the amethyst. This will help them, and they can work on connecting with the throat or sacral chakra to be stronger.


The conceptualist indigo is one that invents things and are more than likely introverts. They like to work hard and make things happen, but they want to do it quietly and behind the scenes. They love to look at tings and they are not ones that like to be social. They want to communicate and connect people together.

The conceptualist indigo is:

  • An introvert.
  • Focused on solving problems.
  • Good at making things better for others.

The purpose of the conceptualist indigo is:

  • To help the world connect with each other.

The conceptualist indigo is going to be one that is often quiet and is balanced. They do not like to be very sociable, but they do love the people that they are close to. They will become talkative only after they get to know you and are comfortable with you. They can use stones such as calcite, citrine, and other yellow stones to help them to be stronger in the world. Hey can solve problems and focus on their sacral and solar plexus to keep it strong.


The catalyst indigo is one that is a small group. They are often not attached to anyone, and they have different way of thinking. They really don’t fit in with others and they have a hard time relating with people. They are often labeled and said to be odd and different.

The catalyst indigo is:

  • Not attached to anyone.
  • They demand things from others.
  • They never fit in.

The purpose of the catalyst is:

  • To find new ways to bring change to the world.

The catalyst indigo is one that will benefit from people that are close to them, but they have a hard time trusting others. They have a hard time socializing but they will rarely speak up and have a lot to say. This is a group of people that are often seen as strange, and they need to stay protected. They can do this by using black tourmaline or hematite when they meditate. They should work with sodalite to keep their throat chakra open in case they need to say something.

There are different kinds of indigos, and they are helping to make the world a better place. The crystal and starseed children are also valuable to understanding the purpose behind the indigo and what they do in life. Before you start labeling them, find out what they are about and find out if you have indigo in your own aura.

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