Having Healthy Relationships

Having Healthy Relationships

Maybe you are someone that has been single for a long time, or you are someone that has had their heart broken over and over. If this, is you, you might wonder why you can never be in good relationships. You lose who you are, and you feel that you are not loveable and not valuable.

How do you meet the right people? Many people will look to see if they have an instant connection, or they will see if they have a feeling when they meet someone that could be the one for them. They don’t pay attention to the relationship or if it is good for them, but they just concentrate on how they feel.

Before you go out and start dating, you need to figure out what makes a relationship healthy and why.


The Law of Attraction says that whatever you put into the universe you will attract. So, chances are that you will find someone that has the same kind of personality that you have and the same beliefs and other things. You will be with someone that will make you better and will make you feel good in your life.

If you are being negative though, you will not meet someone that is good for you. This is why many people end up in toxic relationships. You attract what you put into the universe so if you are negative, you will attract negative and if you are positive, you will attract positive people.

If you want to find the right people, you have to make sure that you stop dwelling on your past relationships and you get your negativity out of your mind. Do not let your past dictate who you date in the future.

Love You

You must first love yourself before you have someone love you. Many people want to find love, but they don’t love who they are. You need to know your worth and your value and when you do, you will make healthier choices. Don’t settle for someone just because you don’t think you will find the right thing.

Falling for the wrong people will happen when you want someone to accept you and make you feel good but being in a healthy relationship means that you find your own happiness first and then you have a partner that helps to make your life even better.

Let Your Heart Free

Some people have a hard time finding love because they don’t think they are good enough. This means that they are not able to receive love and they cannot accept affection other people give them.

For self-love, you have to think you are enough and you have to be worthy to receive love. There are different tools that you can use o find the right relationships and the biggest and best tool is your intuition. This is a gift that the universe has given you and when you listen to your gut feeling, you can stop being in negative situations and find a healthy relationship.

No matter what the past has given you, do not be afraid of what the future holds. Learn to love yourself and learn to know that you deserver to find someone that loves you. The universe wants this for you, and you need to expect it.


You cannot meet someone if you don’t try. You have to take chances and you have to stop being afraid. Learn to let your love life go and learn to get rid of different ideas and beliefs that are holding you back.

Set your standards as to what you want and do not give into them. But remember, no one is perfect, and you cannot expect to meet someone that is.

Be honest with who you are and what you want and make sure that you put your communication skills to the test. Talk about what you want and be open and honest in all ways. Find someone that you can talk to, laugh with and cry with. Be a good listener.

Instead of planning your future with someone, you need to live in the moment and see if your relationships are strong and healthy.

If you are worried about finding the right person, have a psychic do an Akashic reading with you so that you can understand your past more. This can help you to understand your soulmate and your twin flame relationships before even beginning to date.

Figure out who is right for you because you deserve to be in a good and healthy relationship.

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