Getting Over the Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

It may be hard for you to understand a spiritual awakening unless you have experienced it. This might be something that you remember doing as a child or a time where you felt calm and collected and where you weren’t listening to your inner voice. There are times that are there for you where you are meditating and opening up your body to the awareness of the spiritual world around you.

Some psychologists will tell you that there are moments where people can become awakened. This can be a time where you find moments that trigger you and where you get over things such as depression and stress and you let peace come to your life. When you meditate and you are looking for an awakening, you can find it.

Think of the idea of being awakened. What does that mean to you? This of course means that you were once sleeping and now you are awake. You will experience this in your spiritual life, and you will see insight to things that you never saw before. This can show you a whole new things in your life.

You can learn to take the moment in front of you and to have memories of things that can change your life for the good.


The ego is there to stop you from doing what you need to do. The ego will criticize you and will think that you always have to have a plan and you always have to judge others. This is the part of your mind that never takes a break.

When you are meditating, you will experience times when your ego steps in and will tell you that you are wrong. This can mean that there is something telling you that you are doing something weird and not letting you experience what you want to know.

There are times in people’s lives where they cannot get what they need, and they spend their whole life trying to find a way to clear their ego and to be more aware of what they want and their struggles.

Stages of Developing

When you begin to develop who you are, you can see that you can reach your awakening. You can learn to find who you are and change your life.

You can be sensitive to yourself, and you can develop from a baby to an adult. As you go through the stages of the awakening, you will see that you can look at yourself and see changes. You will see that people look at you differently than you look at yourself and the way that you see yourself is not always what others see.

Baby Stage

This is the stage where you are not aware of things in your life. You don’t know what your identity is because you are not wise, and you are not able to understand the concepts of yourself. You see things from your own view form moment to moment and this is when you live through the eyes of others.

Child Stage

In this stage, you will see that you have your own identity. You will see that you can give yourself a name and you can take responsibility for who you want to be. You begin to lose the private feelings of who you are, and you will often get lost in time.

Adult Stage

In this stage, you become an adult and you embrace your identity. You will believe that you are defined by what others say about you. You will understand yourself by how society tells you to be. You will isolate who you thought you are, and you will be trapped by rules and by what the world tells you.

You will have no freedom to be who you want to be.

Awakened Mind

Your mind will become awakened after your adult stage. This will help you to grow and help you to balance who you are and what you want. You will have peace in your life, and you will change what you see about yourself.

You will stop limiting who you are, and you will see that you are able to let yourself out.

Final Stage

In the final stage, you will no longer worry about who you are or losing yourself. You will know that you are changing, and you will understand that the changes that you are making will determine who you are.

You will see that you can experience things and that you can accept yourself beyond what society says. You have the energy to be who you want.

When you think of your awakening, think of it as a way to be who you are. A place where you can grow and be the best that you can be. This can be a time where you reflect on your life and where you learn to understand who you are.

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