Things Empaths Must Know Before They Date

Things Empaths Must Know Before They Date

Empaths are all about feeling. Empaths can’t turn feelings off because they feel everything and are in tune with everyone.

This can make dating challenging on many levels. You can move too fast emotionally with a new love interest or feel something unnerving that you are afraid to address. You can give too much too soon and end up broken-hearted. A field of love is a land mine of potential problems for the empath.

Here are four things to realize before you enter, or re-enter, the dating world:

  1. A big heart can be a curse or a gift.

It is wonderful to have a big heart, as every empath has. You love to give and it does bless others. You are good at it and seem to know exactly what the other person needs. This can be wonderful in a relationship because the other person feels so loved and appreciated.

However, it can also be a curse because empaths tend to give without ever getting anything in return. This can be a really bad situation if the new love interest is a taker, a vampire, who sucks you dry of resources, energy, and emotion.

The answer is to be wise about who you give your heart to. Take things more slowly to ensure they are worthy of your generosity and a big heart.

2. Empaths draw the broken.

This is a major problem for those who feel strongly about everyone. They draw the needy. By the needy, it could mean those who are emotionally needy but it could also mean those who are financially or physically needy. In any case, it isn’t a good thing for the empath trying to find a soul mate.

You will know these broken people through several habits. They talk of their problems and hint that they want you to help fix it. They also seem to hang around even when you don’t want them to be in your space. These are the ones you need to run from and run fast.

It may seem like this is all you attract, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Cut them loose and put yourself in situations to meet others who are in better situations and who can lift you with optimism and positive vibes.

3. Understand you are worthy.

Empaths are highly sensitive people. They are afraid of offending and sometimes take the news of the world to heart with some degree it can make them physically sick. This also means they sometimes see themselves as less than worthy because of all the information and negativity they absorb daily.

Understand that you are worthy of love, happiness, and respect. You are worthy by the simple fact that you are a designer creation of God, unique and special. There is none other like you. You have a particular purpose and destiny that no other can fill.

4. Your intuition kicks in.

This can be a real stumbling block in a budding relationship because you know what is going to happen before your partner does. Why is that a problem? You feel like you need to take action before your partner even realizes there’s a problem!

One example is in meeting his family. You pick up vibes on his sister and they aren’t good. You know she will cause trouble. How will you tell your partner this if he is unaware of any problem? He will just say you are reading in too much. Then, you may tend to come back with an “I told you so” when something does happen and you are proven right. That isn’t good for a relationship.

It’s best to talk with a love interest early on about your intuition and how accurate it is. If he understands that you tend to be right more than wrong, he may listen to you when you have these types of strong feelings.

How to Protect Yourself While Dating

Dating is meant to get to know someone before we decide who we like best. So, take that view when you put yourself out there. Don’t reveal too much, too fast. Get to know the other person better before you invest a lot of emotional energy into the relationship.

Ground yourself in your knowledge about your worth, your time, and your dreams. Set proper boundaries so you aren’t unnecessarily hurt. Understand that it is okay to say no when you feel uncomfortable about a person or situation. Doing these things will help you find the perfect match for your empath abilities!

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