Elements of a Soulmate

Elements of a Soulmate

Soulmates are thought of as the epitome of partnership and love. Sadly, in our overly chaotic world, we find ourselves skipping through relationships repeatedly, hoping the right one will come along. A soulmate is more than just someone you care for, but someone who will fulfill you. There is a huge difference between a romantic partner and the other half of your heart that is found in a soulmate. A soulmate makes you feel complete. A life partner, can be long-term and great, but is limited in the ability to heal your spirit.

Most of us will have life partners because we settle. It could be due to a fear of being alone for life, but it could be because we prolonged a relationship that was meant to be short term. There are some relationships that have to happen for a given length of time to allow for a karmic chapter to close. Other relationships may create children, but are not meant to stay around forever. Still others, are melting pots of emotions that block our path that is predestined. Most fall somewhere in between the extremes.

Whether you are married, in a relationship, or just considering a relationship, it is important to know the role the other person will play in your overall life. There is no ignoring the question, at some point, of whether this person is your destiny or if you are settling.

There are several categories or areas that indicate a soulmate bond, or the lack of one, in a relationship. As these are explained, consider your partner to see if they are actual soulmates.

Elements of a Soulmate

  1. There is something special on the inside when we find our soulmate. It can be difficult to explain the feelings a soulmate gives because it is profound, lingering emotion that no words can describe.
  2. Soulmates have often been a part of past lives and choose to come back in the same lifetime as you. You may experience flashbacks with a feeling of déjà vu if a moment has happened in a previous life.
  3. A soulmate connection is so close and special that others may find it odd. You may experience this closeness with family, but it is also a telltale sign of being with a soulmate.
  4. Relationships all experience highs and lows, but with a soulmate, the bond will be nearly impossible to break. Soulmates have a much easier time loving one another and one another’s flaws. A relationship is much more likely with a soulmate if you love everything without change about one another, both good and bad.
  5. Soulmate relationships are intense in both positive and negative ways. Even during negative episodes, focus on seeing beyond that moment.
  6. Soulmates tend to view the world as an “us vs. them” situation. Soulmates are so linked that they will take on anything if their soulmate is present. These relationships are founded on unity and compromise for both partners.
  7. Much like twins, soulmates tend to be mentally inseparable. Even when life separates you, you will still be mentally in tune.
  8. Your soulmate will feel like a guardian, regardless of gender. They will never play on insecurities or worries.
  9. A soulmate is nearly impossible to walk away from in life because you cannot ever imagine being without them.
  10. Soulmates look into one another’s eyes often and with intensity. This is much more often than regular couples because it comes from a deeper connection, as well as confidence and comfort.

Whether you are with a soulmate because of the universe or have settled with someone in spite of differences, the decision is up to you. Free will means we can stay or leave a relationship as we desire. Finding a soulmate is a gift and if you feel you have, then endless days of joy, laughter, and deep connection are in your future.

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