Meditation to help develop your psychic abilities

Meditation to help develop your psychic abilities

Meditation will help you greatly as you develop your psychic abilities. Mediation works best when you make it a daily practice. Your commitment to yourself and your improvement may be helped by using crystals.  Several stones have strong properties to help your psychic development. As you meditate, you will connect with your own spirt and your guides as you develop your gifts.

Psychic meditation with a crystal

Practicing a psychic meditation is different than a regular meditation because you are seeking a specific result.  When you begin your meditation, you will select a crystal of your choosing. You may find that holding more than one crystal in your hand will be even more helpful.

Connecting with your spirit guide will help you start to develop your gifts.

If you don’t have a regular meditation practice, here is a way to start your psychic meditation:

Set aside a time and a place where you will not be disturbed. Breathe slowly until you are completely relaxed. Once you are relaxed, focus your attention just above your eye level. Make your intention known. With a sense of gratitude, reach out to your spirit guide.  Next, reach out to the higher realms by focusing on your crown chaka, It may be helpful for you to picture yourself literally going up. Enjoy the stillness and listen for your guide to reach out to you. They will make their presence known. You just need to be aware of them  and be ready to recognize them as they come.  When they come, ask your questions.  You may see colors as they make themselves known.

If you feel that there are angels with you, you can ask for healing on behalf of yourself and others.

It is amazing how you can be told or shown little things that help you to know your life is on track.

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