Symbolism of the Earth

Symbolism of the Earth

The earth is more than just an ordinary planet in the solar system. It may be the most unique planet because it is currently the only known to provide and sustain life. Not only is earth physically unique, but also spiritually unique in many senses. Many cultures believe the earth is just a place we remain until we move into eternity. Scientists also see the earth as unique as the only planet capable of sustaining life. This article looks deeper into the earth as a symbol with deeper meanings being drawn from the planet.

Earth’s Symbolism

  • Mother Earth – Mother Earth or Mother Nature is symbolic of the environment from which life thrives. It is further symbolic of growth and nurturing as the earth watches over us. As a feminist symbol, the earth is naturally referred to as “her.” In psychic readings, the earth is representative of new life and is often used to show pregnancy or a soon to be pregnancy. Through the earth’s nurturing through the soil and oceans come the foundations of the food chain. From soil grows plants, food, and trees which are crucial to sustaining life, providing nutrition, and oxygen.
  • Grounded – Earth is symbolic of groundedness and being grounded, as in keeping a level head. It is symbolic of honesty, stability, and assuredness as in saying, “salt of the earth.” Those closely connected to the earth’s energies are self-assured and well balanced in decisions. This is evident in star signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn who are rational thinkers and tend to be level headed. They control emotions and make more well-balanced decisions.
  • Humanity – The earth can also represent humanity as a whole. Humans are said to be born from the soil and return to it upon death. The cycle is continuous. In many cultures, the burial is to make someone one with the earth to allow their spirit to ascend.
  • Power – The earth element is believed to be the most passive, but some argue to say it is the most powerful. Earth manipulates most elements as it houses them. The earth has the most nurturing and destructive power with the ability to create growth, but also stop all growth in a moment.
  • Life Stage – Earth often serves as a symbol to a stage in life or right of passage. It is a middle ground between birth and an afterlife when eternity is determined. This is sometimes called the universal plane with earth being the physical aspect and heaven being a spiritual aspect. The earth symbolizes a full life cycle.
  • Physical Matter – Earth is symbolic of the physicality of our lives. Everything on the life is tangible with our senses connected to the earth. People who have strong connections to nature also tend to have a strong connection to life, being able to live in the moment. It is said the earth has healing powers complete with natural remedies that come from flowers, soil, and stones. It has been shown that those who walk barefoot in the soil take in vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to contribute to better health.
  • Earth as an Element – Earth is included in one of the five known elements that also includes fire, water, air, and spirit. The earth element is believed to encompass the spirit that watches over and cares for the planet. These spirits are believed to exist alongside humans and be present in trees and other plant life. Spirit elves are also thought by some to care for the forests and wildlife to keep things balanced.
  • Earth and Zodiac Signs – In astrology, those with the star signs are believed to hold a strong affinity with the earth. These individuals are strong in nurturing and growth for those around them.
  • Earth and Spirit Animals – The spirit animals associated with the earth are the ant, bear, cow, bull, dog, and wolf. The most common is the bear which is symbolic of strength and groundedness.

Earth is symbolic mainly of stability, groundedness, nurturing, strength, and growth. While the earth symbolizes the physical, it also allows for spiritual connections as nature provides for deep discovery and mediations. Those who are willing to take a meaningful journey through nature can attest to the peace this tends to bring.

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