Psychic Visions

Psychic Visions

Some people have scary psychic visions and one of the first things they usually want to know is why they get visions. When a person gets a message through clairvoyance, most of the time they are happy and positive messages. It is when the scary things happen that people normally question it.

Some psychic visions that people have will come from the spirit guide which has your best good in mind. They do not want you to be afraid and they have your good in mind when they send you messages. They normally just want to communicate with you.

On different occasions, scary visions will happen, and this can just be part of your journey. Maybe you have a vision and then the next day you see your vision happen on the news. It can make you have a range of emotions from sadness to worry and might make you wonder if you should have done something with the information.

Once you continue down your psychic journey, you will find that there is nothing that you are really supposed to do with the information that you get but you are just getting energy from the universe that is giving you visions. You might even get energy from someone else’s emotions or auras.


Energy is everywhere. Everything is made up of energy and you can feel this energy when you are around other people or even when you are at home and work. Sometimes a scary vision will come because it is energy that you have picked up on and might not even be a message for you.

What Can You Do?

If you find that you are having scary visions, chances are you need to raise your vibrations and learn to balance yourself and balance your chakras. Here are some ways you can do this:


You have to balance yourself when you are working in the spiritual world and one way you can do this is through meditation. Take time to relax and to deep breath. Burn incense and candles and relax.

Maybe you have been feeling energies because they are trying to get your attention and you have been ignoring them. Stop worrying and ask your guides to help you and to get rid of negative energies.

Raising Vibrations

Once you become balanced, you need to work on raising your vibrations. When your vibrations are higher, it brings you joy and good thoughts and helps you connect with your spirit guides better.

Use high vibrations to get deeper feelings of joy and always be thankful. You can never go wrong by raising your energies.


You want to reach your higher self and your spiritual guides and angels will help you to do the best you can. They always will have your interests int heir mind and they will always be there to guide you and give you messages.

Look at the information that you need and if you get a scary vision, you need to balance and increase your vibrations.

You will attract what you are feeling, and this can help you to be in control of your life and your gifts.

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