Gift of Dreaming

Gift of Dreaming

Everyone has dreams and this happens even when you do not remember them.  You might already know that your mind guides you and puts you in REM sleep which means rapid eye movement.  During this time of sleeping is when you will dream.

It is shown in research that your mind is more active when you are sleeping and if you struggle with things like anxiety then it can make your brain be even more active.

Since your brain is active during sleep, it doesn’t mean that you will dream psychic dreams.  Most of the dreams that happen are experiences from when you were awake.  But, if you have ever had a dream that is confusing or more than you ever imagined, then this could be a psychic dream.

Psychic dreams are dreams that give you information or guidance while you are asleep.  They allow you to get information that you cannot get when you are physically awake.  Psychic dreams are different because they revolve around things besides yourself such as a place or something that could happen.

Psychic dreams are great, but it is not a new thing.  These types of dreams have been around for years and in all different cultures.  So, how can you tell if you are having a psychic dream?  There are three different dreams we will talk about:

Precognitive Dreams

These types of dreams are when you see in the future.  Most of the time when people hear about these dreams, they do not believe them because of movies and Hollywood.  Chances are that these types of dreams can help you to see in the future and what could happen.

If you have ever seen the future in your dreams, then this is that type of dream but if you haven’t then just because you haven’t solved a crime or predicted the future doesn’t mean you aren’t having these types of dreams.

Sometimes in these dreams you might just be in a place you have never seen before or you might be in a location that you have never experienced.  This is different than most normal dreams because it doesn’t have a real storyline.  Sometimes these types of dreams can come true because you will end up at the location that you dreamed about.

Precognitive dreams are about life and about things in your life.  If you have dreamed about someone you haven’t seen, and they call you or if you see something different then you might be connecting to your soul.  This is one of the best reasons to keep a journal so that you can keep up with your dreams and see if they really come true.

This will help you to figure out dream patterns so you can figure out what your dreams mean.  Also, precognitive dreams can help you and give you signs about your future or about something else.


Telepathic dreams are dreams that you have when you are talking to someone in your dream.  This can happen and you can have normal conversations and be communicating with guides or angels.  These types of dreams are vivid, and they can seem real.  These can be called visitation dreams when you talk to someone that has died while you are dreaming.

Most telepathic dreams happen when someone is reaching out to someone else while they are dreaming.  These souls are likely emotionally connected and so they can communicate telepathically.  One person can ping the other person through energy.  This can be something physically done while sleeping or unconsciously while dreaming.


Dreams that are clairvoyant are powerful dreams.  They can show symbols or the future or events.  They can be vivid dreams and give you strong signs while you are asleep and awake.

These types of dreams are natural and can help you to understand things while you are awake.  If you think you are having these dreams, but you don’t know for sure, write a journal and keep all of your dreams in it.  This can help you learn the language.

Let the angels guide you and use your dreams as symbols to give you advice.  Learning the symbols can help you to understand your dreams and to figure out what they mean.  A clairvoyant dream can be a dream from a past life even.


If you have had these psychic dreams, then you need to make sure that you begin journaling.  Write down the symbols and the themes of these dreams and try to get insight of what you are dreaming about.  Learn to pay attention to your dreams and get a deeper insight.

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