How Listening to Affirmations While You Sleep Helps Your Life


Those who are serious about changing their life should try listening to affirmations about why they sleep. Positive affirmations have a greater impact if you listen to them while your conscious mind is resting.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive words that speak the truth. It may not be things that are apparent in your life but are deep within you. For instance, you may not be wealthy now but have a desire to have a successful business.

Affirmations could be words of encouragement regarding being a successful business person, being rich, and being able to do what you what because of financial freedom. In essence, affirmations are used to bring out qualities deep within you that negativity has prevented from coming to the surface.

Why It Works?

You must first understand what happens during sleep to understand why affirmations are more effective if you listen during sleep. The human brain released chemicals that slow the brain down during sleep. You go into a theta state, which is the dream phase. It is at this phase that the conscious mind is turned off and the subconscious lights up. Reprogramming negative thoughts is easier when the subconscious mind is open to them.

As your mind goes to rest, anything you hear is deeply transferred into the subconscious mind. There isn’t a conscious mind to block it so your subconscious absorbs all that is heard.

How Long Should You Listen?

Most experts state that you can optimize the effect of affirmations if you listen to them for a minimum of an hour and a half and if you do it during your first sleep cycle. This is where your subconscious is most active.

Experts also state that if you have affirmations on to listen all night then you can boost their effectiveness. Experts also say you can use either earphones or speakers, whichever is most comfortable.

Another tip is to pick affirmations that address your current situation. For instance, you should pick affirmations regarding wealth if you want to attract money. Those who are looking for love should center affirmations around love.

You don’t need professional affirmations for this to be effective, although there are plenty available both for free and to buy. You can record your own and loop it as a recording.

How to Write Affirmations?

It may be a bit of a task to write your own affirmations at first. However, you can write specific ones that meet your needs. Plus, your brain will accept them faster since they are in your voice.

First, make a list of all your negative qualities. Be sure to include other people’s criticisms. Then, look at the list and find a common theme to began your affirmations.

Next, create affirmations that are positive rebuttals of the judgment and negativity. Make sure the words you use are powerful. Finally, record the audio and loop them for nighttime listening.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. The subconscious mind has an enormous amount of storage capacity. It remembers all information it’s given, even if you don’t remember it during conscious hours. Listening to affirmations while sleeping will allow your subconscious to put them into action and reprogram your mind.

How Long Will It Take?

Reprogramming your mind takes time and that is different for everyone. Most people will see changes in their thoughts and attitudes after listening every night for six weeks.

This is an easy way to change things in how you think about life, which will ultimately change your life. After all, what you think about yourself and your situation will be projected into your actions. A negative attitude will project failure and a happy attitude brings opportunities. You can make a choice of which you want by using nightly affirmations while you sleep.

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