Signs You Are a Lightworker

Signs You Are a Lightworker

A lightworkers purpose is to wake up people that inhabit the planet and connect them to their true spirit. A lightworkers role is to teach oneness and close the gap of separation that happens when people forget they are spiritual beings that are having a physical experience. Lightworkers, healers, and teachers are all divinely guided and come in all sizes, shapes, and forms so the right message can get where it needs to be.

Conscious Expansion

Lightworkers are aligned with those they are destined to assist, always. This is a soul contract in which the student calls to the teacher and the teacher appears or the other way around. Doing the work or being willing to can unleash the fullness of the human experience. Life becomes a training ground for the lightworker so the highest level of service to humans can be given. Many lightworkers have lived a vast life in a few short years. Their lives are often filled with experiences that are sad, full of loss, depression, anxiety, illness, and even fear so they can teach others how to navigate such terrain. They are proof it is possible. When it comes to personal development industries, not one teacher has not lived the opposite of what they teach because the experience is necessary to guide toward the opposite.

Signs of a Lightworker

Lightworkers Need to Help and Heal

Lightworkers may do something like walk up to strangers struggling with a child and tell them that time passes quickly and every moment needs to be appreciated. This can be perceived as a crazy person offering meaningless advice or a message they can use to get through the day and those to come. Make sure the situation is discerned before speaking anything. A lightworker knows when it is appropriate to speak up and when to remain silent. Intuition will guide a lightworker on when help is needed.

Lightworkers are Close to Their Guides

Everyone has at least one guide that can be called upon throughout life for wisdom. The key to connection is to call out and be a channel for their message. Lightworkers are often excellent at channeling their higher consciousness.

Lightworkers Believe in Angels, Ascended Masters, and Kindred Spirits

Lightworkers know that different beings exist on different frequencies. These can be tapped into through meditation and used as resources when there is uncertainty in life. There is more to believe than what we see.

Lightworkers are Committed to Personal Growth

Lightworkers experience emotional upheaval that will stretch them to their limits. Though aware of the process, a lightworker will be 100% willing to work through you for a greater good. Nothing we experience is without permission and lightworkers can protect their energy.

Lightworkers Can Face Uncertainty and Believe in Miracles

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in life, along with death and taxes. Lightworkers will take the uncertainty and become more present, being okay with whatever outcome may arise. However, lightworkers will crave certainty until they discover that uncertainty is present in all lives.

Lightworkers are Manifestors

A lightworker knows how to use thoughts to create reality along with trusting in the process of manifestation. They understand that whatever shows up is meant to be and that divine timing is never wrong.

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