Kinds of Meditation and Which Are Best for You

Kinds of Meditation and Which Are Best for You

Meditation is something that you have to choose and when you have a feeling and you want to try a new technique, this can happen for you at any time.

Do not worry about the different types of meditation because there is no wrong way of doing it. There is no way to tell which type of meditation is best for you but when you follow your heart and your intuition, that is the one that you should choose.

Figure out what works best for you and the pros and cons of each of the different types and pick which one works the best for what you want to achieve.

Visual Meditating

Visual meditating helps you to pay attention to your thoughts. It works well if you do mental work. You can look at a white piece of paper with a black dot in the center and as you relax, you will be able to concentrate on your breathing.

The dot is part of an optical illusion and the point of it is that you are paying attention to the dot and focusing on your breathing and being calm.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a way that you can train your mind to think good thoughts. When you do this kind of meditation, make sure that you have a place to sit that is calm and you will not be disturbed.

Let your thoughts go and let your mind just concentrate on your breathing. Being mindful can help you to have less stress and to be in control of your emotions.

Hawaiian Healing Meditation

Hawaiian healing meditation or Ho’oponopono is an ancient kind of meditation that is done by doing chanting or mantras. This helps you to heal on the inside and helps you to be forgiving and to have peace in your soul.

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation was created by Buddha and this is a practice where you move your body while you are clearing your mind.

This is a time where you practice mindfulness and movement.

Spiritual Meditation

If you are someone that meditates then you can focus on your words and on the spirit world and you can learn to deepen your thoughts.

This is the same effect that other meditations have.

Heart Meditation

This is where you meditate and where you relax and deep breathe. Once you do this, let your heart and y our mind concentrate on joy and peace.

If you feel tense, relax, and concentrate on each breath that you breathe in and out. Imagine that there is a flower in front of you and focus on every detail of it.

Focus Meditation

Focus meditation or Vipassana is a meditation where you focus on your emotions and where you focus on what you are feeling and what you are doing.

This is not for people that are just starting to meditate because it takes practice.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation is a hard kind of meditation, but it is used to open up the Kundalini energy. This is where you release the energy form your spine and throughout your body. This works with the chakras and helps you to find the power within.

Opening up the Kundalini will help you to realize who you are and to have deep seeded joy.

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