5 uses of the quartz crystal ball you didn’t know about

5 uses of the quartz crystal ball you didn’t know about

All of us expect our crystals to have multi-functions. They are really beautiful and some of them have healing powers. The quartz crystal ball can be considered as the mother of all crystals.

The first use is

  1. Asking questions and fortune telling

Reading these balls may not be as easy as tarot cards as there is no guidebook for this one. You need to build up a symbolic vocabulary that you understand and trust the messages received.

Reading your crystal ball:

  • Get yourself into a meditative state
  • Establish a connection between you and the ball by placing your hand on it until you sense a connection
  • Start string at the ball, you can even imagine yourself inside
  • Ask your queries either loudly or mentally, or just allow information to flow to you
  • Open your mind as you gaze, allow images to form. Imagery may appear in many forms, therefore, watch out.
  • Once you have received enough information, it’s time to exit the ball the same way you came in
  • Express your gratitude to the ball, and cover it with a cover

Of course, it’s not easy reading a crystal ball, therefore, do not give up

  1. Meditation

You can easily get lost in the beauty of the ball. Just the same was as meditation with candlelight, using a crystal ball can as well drive you into a deep meditative state

You need to stare at the ball the same way you do during a reading. Take note of everything you see within the ball but don’t analyze it, just let it go. Allow the energy from the quartz to wash over you as it flows into your subconscious.

  1. Getting read of negative energy

These crystals have great ability in clearing negative energy. The spherical shape of the quartz is what gives its balancing and cleansing powers as compared to  a crystal wand, the sphere produces smooth energy in all directions and suitable for large places.

Remember to keep one ball specifically for this purpose and not for any other.

  1. Promote creativity

The perfect tool for creativity. Look into the crystal ball to clear your creativity roadblocks and set your mind to focus on the emptiness of the ball.

If you ever run out of ideas during a project, take a gaze into the ball for new ideas.

  1. Transmitting messages

This is mainly for expert gazers, but still worth talking about. Once you are in the meditative state as you gaze, visualize the person inside the ball then send them a message you would like to share with them. You can take as much time as you need doing this.

Once you are done you should consider setting the ball on an altar for the same person to amplify the message.

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