Signs of Claircognizance

Signs of Claircognizance

If you have ever had that strong intuitive feeling in life, like you clearly knew something even without evidence, then you likely have claircognizant abilities. These are special abilities that not everyone has in life. Claircognizant abilities give a person the ability to think about something specific such as a question and internally receive the answers in the mind.

You may have experienced this when someone has bad news for you, even if you have not seen them yet. Your gut instinct is almost always right and with such accuracy it can be scary. In addition, you may be the friend everyone comes to for advice and opinions because they feel you have something special to offer.

Claircognizance is an intuitive ability that is also known as clear knowing. It comes to those that constantly learn, gather, and think about information. This is considered a psychic ability and those that have the gift ten to ignore it, thinking what happens is coincidence or just luck. This guide will help clarify.

Claircognizance Defined

To put things simply, claircognizance is knowing things without reason, logic, or even proof. This is an inner feeling that cannot be ignored or dismissed, even if someone would want to when it occurs. When this happens, it is not a guess, but an innate gut feeling that only the person having the feeling can offer. You may want to explain it, but it is just a strong feeling, not something you can truly put into words to explain.

Ways to Receive Messages

There are a few ways to receive claircognizant information or at least determine what it is, as far as information goes. This can be thought of as having a light bulb in your head at all times an as information is received, if part of it is claircognizance then the light bulb illuminates. When this happens, write down the information immediately because it will be gone very quickly.

Gut Feelings

Gut feelings are how most people describe claircognizance. This is one way that messages can be received and though the feelings are tough to explain, they are the ones that people most often accept. Instead of letting go of these gut feelings, try to determine if they are messages you need to focus on before moving forward.

Random Thoughts

Most claircognizant messages that people with the ability truly pay attention to are the random thought types. These can be something totally unrelated to what you are doing at the moment, but require you to check on something. It could be a message like, go check on the dog, and when you do, you find he has wondered out of the yard or something otherwise random. These messages interrupt your normal thought pattern regularly and while they appear random, there is meaning.

While Sleeping

While we sleep our minds are still thinking. For the claircognizant, this thinking may be so vivid that it awakes you. Claircognizant people can be problem solvers even if the solutions come during sleeping hours. There may be no real concrete reasoning behind it, but they know the answer is correct. These messages happen randomly at any time. This is how you know that you have the intuitive claircognizant ability and that it is real.

Signs You May Be Claircognizant

  • You think and overthink often. An unquiet mind that is always problem solving or inventing is a big sign.
  • You struggle with sleep as you come up with new ideas you wish to share or random thought pop into your mind during the day.
  • You interrupt often and though you apologize, you cannot seem to stop.
  • You seem to always receive answers to problems, even if it has been days since you thought about the subject.
  • You can rea the intentions of others without explanation. This includes knowing if someone can be trusted, is honest, or sincere.
  • You receive out of the blue messages that end up correct when awake or asleep.

Developing Claircognizance

Psychic claircognizance is essential when it comes to developing an intuitive ability. These types of messages originate and are shared from the spirit guides or even your higher self. TO develop this claircognizance, try the following:

  • Talk to and ask your guides – They can offer help and guidance as you connect with them, but you must ask and then listen for an answer.
  • Develop – Work on this ability by believing in it and trusting what is happening. When you receive a message, follow-up so trust can be further built.
  • Write – Many writers and song writers are claircognizant. Write down the messages you receive with consistency to build up the ability.
  • Use meditation and visualization – Both these practices help you get attuned to the mind and quiet other thoughts, allowing messages to be easily received. As you meditate, visualize yourself tuning into your claircognizant ability.

Hopefully this has offered a better understanding of claircognizance and its usefulness for yourself and others. Working on the ability to control these messages allows you to show love to yourself and others as life is enriched.

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