Reasons Deceased Loved Ones May not be Sending Signs

Reasons Deceased Loved Ones May not be Sending Signs

If frustration and feelings of loneliness are plaguing you because a loved one has not been in contact following their death, you are not alone, but help is available. Seeing a medium can be helpful, but not a long term solution for most. Instead, look to yourself and make sure your expectations or own blocks are not preventing contact.

Unreasonable Expectations

Those who are newly bereaved, especially when a loved one died suddenly, may not have any real experience with mediums, other than television. These overly edited and enhanced shows do not give a true look into a visit to a medium. Once someone passes, it is impossible for them to speak real words as just a soul. However, they can communicate. Make sure your expectations are reasonable.

Not Being Open

We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to making contact because we want concrete evidence. An evidential medium can provide this through verifiable details and validations that only apply to the deceased person and the loved one. There are always synchronicities and signs, but we must learn to recognize them. However, if you have spent time researching, studying, and attending workshops and still getting nothing, then something is off.

Not the Right Time

Though some mediums use this as an excuse when unable to make contact, there is a bit of truth in the idea that it is not yet time. When your loved one enters the spirit world, time is no longer an issue, it is not the same way we experience time on Earth. Those we love will not abandon us, but they may go quiet to help us grow and become more independent. Sometimes, we require this chance to work things out on our own and then our loved ones will contact us.

Do not give up on your loved ones, but try not to obsess either. This may be a time of personal growth you need, but they are still watching over you.

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