How to Know if You Have Karmic Debt

How to Know if You Have Karmic Debt

Do you feel that you are always dealing with negative patterns in your life? Do you deal with toxic relationships over and over, bad finances, sickness, emotions, and negative feelings? If so, you might be dealing with karmic debt.

Karmic debt is not a bad thing once you realize that you have it and learn to repay it. Once you learn to repay your karmic debt, you can let the universe see you and know that you are on a clear destiny for your life.


Many people have heard of karma, but they don’t always know what it is. Some say that it is “what goes around comes around” and basically that is true. There is much more to know about it though.

Karma is something that doesn’t threaten to give you a bad life, but it is something that is there to teach you how to become a better person.

Karma can be both good and bad and if you have done good things in your life then you will reap the good karma that will come to you.

Buddhism is part of the karmic life and part of reincarnation. This means that you will do things in your past life, and you will learn lessons from the actions that you take.

When you don’t live by the lesson that karma gives you, you will get karmic debt that you will have to pay back in your next lifetime. If you don’t pay it, it will keep coming back until you learn to pay it off. This gives you as much time to get it right as you need.

If you have hurt someone, the karmic debt that you get will continue until you fix what you have done wrong.

Signs of Karmic Debt

Some believe that reincarnation doesn’t mean that you will come back to the world as a person. You can come back as an animal or a plant. The state that you come back in can have to do with your karmic debt.

Depending on what you come back on can happen because of your karmic debt and this could mean that you have financial problems, addictive habits, or bad relationships. It will depend on your karmic debt.

Karmic Debt and Numerology

There are four different numbers that you can get that will come to show you if you have karmic debt. Each of the numbers will represent a trait that you have.

Karmic Debt Numbers

Here are the four numbers:


This can mean you are lazy and take advantage of people from your past life. You might have done things to have an easy life and your karmic debt has increased for your next life. Learn to be more motivated and work hard to pay off your debt.


This number can mean that you wanted to control everyone, and this can mean that you had no control. You have addictive behaviors and have let others down. You can balance this by respecting people in authority.


The 16 means that you had a big ego. It means that you thought you were better, and you affected others. You were arrogant and made destruction where you went. You have to learn to be humble and kind.


The 19 can mean that you were selfish in your past life. You only cared about you. Now you need to avoid being selfish and help others as much as you can.

Calculating Karmic Debt Numbers

Each karmic debt has a pair of numbers by adding 2 digits to come up with the single number.

If your karmic debt is 13/4 it means 1+3 equals 4 and 19/1 is 1+9 equals 10 which 1+0 equals 1.

You can calculate your karmic debt by adding your birth date digits. Here are ways that you can figure it out:

  • Your birthday
  • Personality numbers
  • Life Path Numbers

If you were born October 24, 1985, then you can add the digits 2+4 is 6

The 6 means there is no karmic debt, so you move to the personality numbers 10/24, so you do 1+0+6=7. This means your karmic debt is 16/7.

If none of the numbers have karmic debt, then you might not owe anything.

Repaying Karmic Debt

Once you know if you have karmic debt you need to know how to repay it. Paying karmic debt means that you have to live in a way that gets rid of the debt. You have to learn to be kind and to be the opposite of what you were in the past.

If your birth date says you don’t have karmic debt, you still need to live a good life so that you don’t get some later.

Notice people around you and make sure that you are encouraging them and being kind. Get rid of negative energy and always fill your life with positive things. Avoid karmic relationships. Have relationships that are healthy and strong.

Get advice from a psychic if you need to so that they can help you to figure out if you have karmic debt or not.


Repaying your karma is important to make your life better. Learn to be kind and loving and that karma is not vengeful. Learn to live your life more spiritually and let your kindness shine in all ways.

Find out what karma that you owe so that you can learn to move forward with a better existence.

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