Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose

Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose

We all have a special purpose in life. Some people know exactly what this is very early in life while others pre-plan specific experiences in their life that lead them where they need to be. Neither option is better than the other. How ever you find your purpose is perfect for you in the current incarnation. Some people have a large purpose acting as a guiding light for change and evolution. Other people hold a personal purpose that is focused on individual growth and self-discovery. Both types are perfect for the soul of the individual.

If you have not yet found your soul purpose, jumping from interest to interest never really finding the right thing, then this article is for you. First, know you are not alone. There are steps you can make to discover your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Follow the steps below:

Identify Themes

Look back at your life as a review and make a list of the pivotal moments that have been both good and bad. Now take note of the experiences that were recurring as they are the ones that contain something important. These lessons are something you can grow from and use in your purpose. For example, if abandonment is a recurring theme and you understand abandonment, you understand how to become secure. You also know how important it is to provide consistency and show up for others in your life. The experience combined with what you learned could be a nod toward the following:

  • Teacher/coach/ nurturer
  • Leader
  • Trend setter/Trailblazer

The recurring themes may also be positive in nature and still point to a soul purpose.

Connect with Your Inner Child

The child version of you was likely much more aware of your soul purpose than the adult version. As we transition from childhood to adulthood, we tend to get off track as far as our purpose is concerned. This is because children are a pure soul expression, but as the reality of the world and adulthood sets in, we lose the innocence. Children are able to follow only their intuition and imagination without regard for what others think or believe. We need to learn to connect to this inner child to set our soul alight once again. Meditate on your inner child and relive what made you happy. Once you have explored this inner child, take it as inspiration about your purpose.

Acknowledge Your Natural Gifts

Everyone has a natural gift like being musical, a great listener, or naturally athletic. Natural gifts are an indicator of your soul purpose. If you are uncertain, ask friends and family what they appreciate about you because this is often tied to your purpose. This will be something that comes natural to you. Natural gifts usually remind us and aid us in the soul mission. At times, these gifts do not come until later in life after we have completed other experiences. As you nurture your natural gifts, opportunities will arise and lead you into your soul purpose.

Follow Your Bliss

A huge indicator of soul purpose is a feeling of happiness and joy. These feelings are like a sign from the universe that you are on track. So, find what makes you happy or excites you and know it is your purpose. If you are uncertain what really brings you joy, try journaling about different experiences and then look back at which made you happiest. Then find how to bring it into your life more often and find a way to make it more than a hobby.

Take Action

The final step is to act on your dreams and desires. You may have some idea what your soul purpose is, but have not really taken action to make it real. It can feel risky at times or even uncomfortable, but this will all fade away as you live your soul purpose. Take it at your own pace and let your soul purpose unfold, even if you start with smaller dreams and let them build. Your purpose will evolve as you do. Remember, each soul journey is unique so enjoy yours and inspire others to find theirs.

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