Using Your Sacral Chakra to Find Love

Using Your Sacral Chakra to Find Love

Everything around us is made up of energy and this includes your body. Your body is made up of mental, physical, social, and emotional energies that are spiritual and flow through your body. Your chakras are the life path of your energy and this allows you to have confidence and to be open to new things and to express how you are feeling.

You can have an open heart and show your creativity and trust in your life that your actions will be able to bring results.


Having good feelings and positive thoughts can help you to keep your chakras balanced and strong. When your chakras are balanced, the energy will flow through your body in a good way and you will be able to meet your own desires.

Having negative thoughts and feelings will cause your chakras to become blocked and will stop the energy from flowing through your body. This can cause you to be unhealthy, emotional, and even physically sick.

The chakras all have a purpose, and they are there to keep you safe in your mental and spiritual being.

Your sacral chakra is there to help you find love and to help you bring things to your life. If you have emotional baggage that you are not dealing with, this can block your sacral chakra and cause you to miss out on love.

All of your chakras are there to mean something in your life and they are there to help you heal. You can learn to challenge yourself and to be better in your life.

Sacral Challenges

Here are some sacral challenges that you might experience:

  • Living a life without fear and worry.
  • Following your own desires and dreams.
  • Being there for your body and emotions.
  • Learning to be vulnerable and to have intimacy.
  • Getting rid of guilt and learning to forgive yourself.
  • Letting go of feelings that make you feel not good enough.

Losing your sacral energy will cause you to have sexual issues and pain in your body such as your back. This can also cause you to have disorders and addictions and to be overly emotional.

You can make your sacral chakra stronger by:

Spiritual Dancing

This is something that has been around for years. Go outside and dance by the light of the moon or around a fire.

You can think of what you want in life and bring peace to yourself. Find harmony and open up your energy and allow your sacral chakra to heal.

All of your movements can get rid of negative energy and bring healing to your life:

  • Root chakra movements are like animals in a war dance and bring you peace and helps you to let go of fear.
  • Sacral chakra movements are sensual, and they let go of past trauma.
  • Solar plexus movements are like martial arts and help you to have more power inside.
  • Heart chakra movements are swirling, and they help you to get rid of fear of love.
  • Throat chakra dancing is like chanting and helps you to be honest.
  • Crown chakra movements is imagining colors following you and allows you to dream.
  • Third eye chakra dancing is like looking at a candle and can help you to build your intuition.

Imagine a place and a thing that you want in your life and learn to manifest this to your life. Here are ways to do that:

  • Use crystals.
  • Meditate or chant.
  • Wear orange.
  • Allow music to play and quiet your mind.
  • Use sacral chakra movements.
  • Be aware of your negative feelings.
  • Let go of things and get what you want.

Hip Baths

The sacral element is associated with water and you can bathe in order to heal your chakra:

  • Fill a large bath with bubbles.
  • Add some flowers or essential oils.
  • Sit in the tub up to your hips for a few minutes.
  • Imagine healing flowing in you.

Lunar Breath

Let your senses go wild and call out your lunar energy:

  • Close your eyes and touch your nose with your finger.
  • Inhale in one nostril and count to four.
  • Exhale in the other nostril and count to eight.
  • Repeat 11 times.


Massage yourself such as:

  • Pinky finger.
  • Inner foot arches
  • Lower back on the sides of your spine.
  • Palms with your thumbs.

Salt Tea Light

Use Himalayan rock salt to purify your body and to help you sleep. Put a candle at the end of your bed and light it and allow the negative energy to leave your body.

Doing these things are ancient practices and can help you to be at peace and to have love in your life.

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