If you feel extreme feelings when you are around someone and you do not know how or why but you find out something good is happening in their life, chances are you just experienced the gift of clairsentient.

Some wonder how to know if you are getting a psychic vibe and here are some ways you can know:


If you are new at knowing your psychic giftings, here are some things that you might want to know. Someone that has the gift of clairsentience might be able to receive messages through intuition and feel these expressions through emotions and in the physical realm.

Here are some signs of being clairsentience:

  • Giving someone a hug and feeling happy.
  • Pick up on who someone really is.
  • Feel the love someone has for someone else.
  • Avoid tragic stories because of deep feelings.
  • Know someone is sick before they do.

When you have experiences like this, it can be very exciting for you. Some wonder if this is all in their head or if this is a real gift. People will feel different depending on what gifts they have and how intune to the psychic world they are.

Signs of Being Clairsentient

There are many signs of being clairsentient that you might experience when you have this gifting such as:

Being Right

If you are in the middle of something and you have a strong feeling, this can be your psychic development kicking in. You will begin to understand and know your gifting, and this can be based on your experience and what you are feeling.

Having this gift can look like this:

  • You know when your co-worker is feeling sad or depressed.
  • You feel that something is wrong with someone, but you find out that they are sick.

Even if you have these feelings and they are not right or even if they are, you are probably clairsentient.

Feel Pain of Others

Clairsentient messages come as feelings or they can come as a thought in your mind. This might happen to you such as if your child broke their bone, feeling of a homeless person’s hunger pains or feeling your partners headache.

You will not feel these just like they feel them because being psychic is not meant to be harmful or scary, but you will get a tingling feeling where the person feels pain.

If your arm tingles when your friend walks in, then it can be because of a pain they are having in their life.

Mood Changes

If you walk into a room and you feel stressed or anxious then you will find out that it is because someone else is having that mood.


When you have clairsentience, chances are you will not be able to explain why you have these feelings or where they come from. This can just occur because of something you feel or something that came to your mind.

Energy Shift

If you feel the energy shift it can be because you sense something happening. This is a big sign of being clairsentient and if you feel the energy change when you walk into a room then this can mean that something is going on with someone that you are around such as a friend or a co-worker.

The vibes you are feeling are part of your clairsentient experience.

You Just Know

Having intuition means you just know things without being able to explain why. You use your intuition to be guided and this means that you are not always logical, but it is something that your soul just seems to know.

The more you embrace this, the better you will be understanding it and accept it.

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