A Guide to Scrying or Looking at Reflections

A Guide to Scrying or Looking at Reflections

There is a kind of practice that is ancient that works with your intuition, and it helps you to see things by meditating and looking into a shining or reflective surface. This kind of tool is called scrying.

Many people in history have talked about scrying but it is so different for everyone that it can be hard for people to understand it. This kind of practice has been around for many years, and it has been found places such as:

  • Egypt
  • England
  • Persia
  • Greece

Even the famous Nostradamus was said to use scrying when he told the future or made predictions. There are different tools that you can use in order to make scrying possible for you and some of the tools can include ones such as:

  • Mirror
  • The flame of a candle
  • A crystal ball
  • Mirror made of obsidian
  • Water
  • Moon

When most people think of scrying, they often will think of a crystal ball. This is something that people have seen in movies and other things. Sometimes people will use a mirror made of black obsidian and it can be used because the surface of it is very reflective.

You might find some kind of shiny crystal that you like or a mirror that you want to use for your practice. All of these things are great for someone that loves to use this kind of tool.

People that do scrying will use their tool, but they also have to change their mindset and they have to get to a point where they can hear from the spirit world. Some will go into a trance or an altered state and this is the way that they can reach out to what they need to see.


Some people will use the full moon when they are scrying, and it is because the light goes from the darkness around the moon, and it lets people reach deep and find their intuition. Here are some ways that you can make scrying work for you:


  • Find a place that is calm, and you will not be distracted.
  • Get a bowl of water.
  • Make sure you are in a place that is dark, and you can light a candle.
  • Start meditating and then try to go into a trance. You can do whatever helps you to get there such as chanting or other things.
  • Once you are in a trance, look at the bowl of water and let your gaze be hazy and soft. Ask a question that you want the answer to.
  • Look deep into the bowl and find out what you see. Let images and words come to you.

Once you feel that this is finished and you are no longer in a trance, be finished. You can write down what you experienced and see if you got the answers you were seeking.

Your subconscious mind will work with things such as words and symbols and so if you see something and you don’t know what it means, do not get frustrated. Wait for your answer and you will find that you will probably get your answers through things such as dreams or signs from the universe. Follow whatever you need to get your answers. Sometimes you might have to even ask more questions to get the answers that you need but sometimes you will learn the symbols and they will help you engage in your scrying.

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