Are You Clairsentient?

Are You Clairsentient?

People that are clairsentient are given the psychic gift of sensing things in the psychic realm. If you feel things about people or you have feelings, but you are not sure why, chances are you are clairsentience.

Clairsentience is part of your intuition and it is a great gift to develop.


What are some signs that you are clairsentient? Most people in their life have times where they feel that things are not quite right, or they know when someone is lying to them. If you have ever experienced that, chances are you are clairsentient.


Here are some examples of being clairsentient:

  • Go into a room and know someone is fighting even though you missed it. You can feel tension.
  • You don’t stop at certain places because you feel that it is not a good idea.

There are some signs you are clairsentient that you can look at.

Signs of Clairsentience

When you feel that the energy in a large crowd is too much then chances are you are clairsentient. This can give you strong feelings and make you feel drained when you are around a lot of people for a period of time.

When you feel the moods and emotions of those around you, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You will need to recharge your life and calm down before you go into another large group.

Being around a lot of people can cause you to feel tired and stressed. You can learn to manage these feelings and to keep your life in control.


People that are clairsentient have great instincts about people and places. Have you ever met someone and got a strange feeling about them, but you were right?

If you can sense how someone else is thinking or feeling, without explaining why, chances are you have this gift.

Maybe your friends see your gift and are always asking you for advice about dating and they know you are always right.


Have you ever gone into a room and felt negative energy such as someone was fighting there? There can be energy that is left over, and this is something a clairsentient can feel.

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Bad Day

If you have a friend and you can always tell if they have had a good day or a bad day just by talking to them then you are like a human detector. Being a clairsentient can give you these feelings. Remember though, do not let your sense go into overdrive and take care of you.


Being clairsentient can mean you are going to be very sensitive. You might even pick up energies when you watch sad movies and it might be too much for you.

Clairsentience feel anxiety and hurt from others and from objects or scenarios. Maybe you need to only watch funny movies and stop reading books that are sad or heartbreaking.

You can stay informed by reading the paper but even that can be too much.

Emotional Movies

Even watching emotional movies might upset you to the point where you feel overwhelmed. Because your emotions are so strong, watching sad movies can make you emotional.

Emotions of Others

When you feel the emotions of others or you experience a sudden mood change, chances are you are picking up the energy of others around you.

A clairsentient can feel these energies. Do not get upset, just learn to manage your emotions.


Do you feel a huge impact when you change things such as a job or do you hate when things are a mess? People that are clairsentient sometimes have too much energy and when there is too much clutter or mess, it can be stressful to them.

Learn to keep your area clean and this can make you feel less anxious.


You might even feel the actual physical pain of others. Maybe you feel the hunger pains of a homeless person or you feel headaches of someone that has migraines. This is a big sign of being clairsentient.

You can pick up the emotions and the feelings of others around you.

People Say You’re Overly Sensitive

If you are clairsentient, you are going to be overly sensitive. People might tell you that you are sensitive and treat you easier than others.

They might feel that you can help them through hard times and always call you or even strangers might come to you so they can share their problems. This can be a sign that you are an empath.

Gut Feelings

People with clairsentience often have strong gut feelings about things. They know the motives of others before they even talk to them.

Pay attention to what your feelings are saying and do not ignore them.

Thrift Stores

If shopping at flea markets or thrift stores is hard for you, chances are you pick up the energies of objects that you are around.

This can be a sign you have the gift of clairsentience. Remember, all things have energies and you can pick up on these energies of objects too.


Being a clairsentient is a gift form the universe. This is a real ability and not something just in your head. Practice your gift and you can develop it and manage it effectively.

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