Finding the Right Man

Finding the Right Man

If you are am empathetic person then finding a partner can be wonderful for you but it can also be hard to find someone.  This happens because when you are this type of person you are very honest and do not play games.  You can’t be in a relationship with someone that is not ready for you.

Here are some reasons that female empaths have a hard time finding the right man:

Knowing What they Want

If you are an empath, then you don’t just look for a fling but you look for someone that is going to love you and respect you.  You want someone when times are hard and when they are easy.  If a man is not serious from the beginning, then the relationship won’t work.


Empaths are very intense and deep.  They do not have superficial relationships and they don’t like to be around people that are superficial.


Men who are not sure what they wont will never fit in this relationship.  She isn’t interested in someone that doesn’t text her or answer when she calls.


An empath is very sincere and does not allow lying or being untruthful.  She will always tell the truth.


Men have a hard time relating to an empath because she is complex and mysterious.  Men will always feel like she is hiding something.

Emotional Satisfaction

A woman that is an empathic woman needs to have her emotional and physical needs satisfied and she doesn’t show one without the other.

No Short Term

This type of woman wants a long-term commitment and someone that wants to be in a long term relationship with her.

Seeing Best and Worst

This type of woman will see the best in other people, and she has a hard time being read.  She knows what she is seeing, and she will sometimes do the opposite of what you expect so she can surprise you.  If she dates someone with a bad reputation, this isn’t a surprise because she sees the good in him.


The emotions of an empath woman are very strong, and she is easily hurt and overly sensitive.  Even though she can hurt easy, she forgives even easier.

Loves Hard

This woman will love harder than anyone else and give her all to make a relationship good.  The thing is, she wants the same back in return.


If you fall in love with an empath, it can be so wonderful, just make sure you are prepared for this type of relationship before putting your heart into it.

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