Signs Your Third Eye is Activating

Signs Your Third Eye is Activating

Although the third eye is known as the pineal gland, the paranormal enthusiasts refer to it as the third eye. The third eye is a great manifestation of psychic power with deep insight. You may experience times when you felt something was going to occur days before it happened which can be overwhelming. You can gain more knowledge to enrich your spiritual journey toward clarity. If you think your third eye may be open, but are not completely certain, the list below can help you make a determination.

Increasing Head Pressure

This is the most common symptom of an open third eye. You will feel a growing pressure between the eyebrows that is a pulse or like something extending in the middle of the forehead. Spiritual experts advise against worrying abut this as it will fade in time. It may come out of nowhere and feel like a warmth, like someone touching you on the forehead. This is normal and nothing to be concerned over.


You may experience instances of increased foresight for future events. This may be a tug at the stomach that warns you something may happen before it does. Do not overlook this intuition, but let it guide you. It can be scary at first, but the moment you realize you control it, you can let it show you the way.

Light Sensitivity

As the third eye expands, you will be more prone to light sensitivity. This is due to the fact you are perceiving the world in a new light. You will perceive hues more vividly and everything related to vision will be heightened. Polarized sunglasses can help.

Gradual Changes

Since you are more in sync with the spiritual self, you will reap the benefits of the new world vision. You may find yourself more calm, forgiving, and loving. These changes can impact your diet as you steer away from processed foods to keep the third eye clear. You may not find a reason for these changes, but it is your intuition and spiritual powers that are guiding the healthier choices. Monitor these changes as they are a way to verify that the third eye is expanding.

Power Manifestation

Psychic powers manifesting in those with an active third eye are not uncommon. Clairvoyance and telepathy are two of the most prominent. This may be unfamiliar, but do not worry. Embrace the powers and nurture them.

Seeing Beyond the Obvious

It can be burdensome to see and know more than others, but your third eye will enable you to spot half-lies and slogans easily. The clarity of thought will let you make the right decisions.

Heightened Sense of Self

This final sign is not one many notice. An open third eye will increase your sense of inner self. Instead of defining yourself as a person with interests, likes and dislikes, you will see yourself as part of the fabric of the universe. This increases sense of self will enable you to be more self-reliant and let you achieve success that you have dreamed of in life.

Experiencing the signs of an active third eye can be confusing and scary if you do not know how to deal with them. Meditation and calming activities can help you create a deeper connection to the spiritual self. Regardless of the path, know that these manifestations are a blessing you should embrace.

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