How to Heal from Past Live Problems

How to Heal from Past Live Problems

There are things that we know and then there are things that we don’t know. We will go through things that we know are going to happen but when we have the unknowns, we don’t know what to do about those sometimes.

Past lives might seem like a strange topic to you and sometimes people learn to solve problems in their present lives because they go back to their past lives. They don’t’ even know that these times existed and then they learn to convince themselves that there are things that need to be healed from the past life.

This can be deep issues or unforgiveness from the past. Most people do not realize that healing their past life can help them to have a new journey and help them to have amazing benefits in their life.

Past Life Healing

There are issues that we all have in our life that are deep and are emotional. The work that we do to get rid of our memories can help to free us from the pain of our emotions. Maybe we have dealt with shame or guilt about something and we punish ourselves over and over.

Chances are you were betrayed, and you have a hard time trusting anyone. You may even have fears that cause you to think negatively and this can be from things you have done that you don’t even realize.

Here are some problems that could come because you need past life healing:

  • Phobias.
  • Anger to a person or group.
  • Anxieties that you cannot explain.
  • Having a hard time making decisions.
  • Isolating yourself.
  • Want to fix everything.
  • Afraid of commitment.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Strange health problems.
  • Not able to hold a job.
  • Hoarding stuff or money.
  • Afraid of being poor.
  • Sad or depressed.
  • Addicted to things.
  • Obsessive behaviors.
  • Suspicion of people.
  • Having a lot of bad luck.

Some of these things can date back to your childhood or some trauma that you have had, or it can be part of your past life that needs healing. If we cannot figure out why we are acting or feeling a certain thing, chances are this is a sign that you are carrying ancestral karma with you that needs healed.

A thing in your life is called the law of attraction. This means whatever you send to the universe will come back to you in the form of energy. We attract people by the way that we act and the things we day. We can attract negative things or positive things, but we have to learn to heal from our past life.

Healing from Past Life

You have to learn about your own issues and identify them. If there are things you do that you are having a hard time of breaking or getting rid of, you need to understand these things. Ask yourself questions on what you are going through.

Do you have bad relationship after bad relationship? Do you keep attracting to the same people? Maybe you feel stuck in life and you don’t know why. Do you have memories that keep coming back to you? You can journal about these things while you meditate and get new information that you need.

Breathe in and out deeply and learn to calm your mind. Let the energy come to you and open your mind to a memory of your past. Ask your spirit guide to open up your memory to things that need healed. Take time to breathe and not judge yourself.

You will be surprised at what you see and when you see something ask your guide what you need to do and how this is affecting you. Write down what your guide tells you.

Release all of the negative energy of this memory and let it go to the universe. Imagine that it is dissolving and that you are bringing in peace and love to your life.  Understand this is a learning lesson and you finally are learning this about yourself.

Give yourself over to a new memory and see how you can have positivity entering into your life. This will help you to heal. Many people miss on this kind of healing and you can do this often whenever you feel stuck or whenever you feel negative feelings come to you.


You need to know about your past life and past life healing. Do not let your ego hold you back. You need to heal, and you need to know how important it is for you to work through things in your life. You need to have a check and balance in your life so that you can help to heal yourself.

Your ego will come when you need to be strong and you have to have a balance between your ego and letting things go. Your meditations will help you to be stronger and will help you not to be confused. If you are insecure, you need to meditate to find your self-love and to get rid of things in your past that are causing you to feel that way. Things can be hidden from you and it can cause your energy to shift or change.

Learn all that you can about your past life and past life healing so you can become strong and bold in your journey.

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