How a Clean Aura Can Stop Stress

How a Clean Aura Can Stop Stress

If you are looking for new ways of improving your wellbeing consider cleansing your aura.  Energy healing is becoming more mainstream and can be conducted in a variety of ways.  Similar to how one must periodically clean your home, it is important to regulate your energetic field.  Two methods you can use are crystals or energy healers.

People are becoming attune to the benefits of energy work and how it impacts them mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Although there no scientific studies have been conducted, people have embraced the spiritual notion of energy fluctuations.  There has been an increase trust in our subconscious guiding us towards the help we need when something feels amiss in our lives.  Next time you are going through stress, notice what cues your body gives you.  Do you begin to long for a walk or a bath?  Do you require more mindful breathing, or a change to your diet?

Showering or bathing can be particular helpful in recalibrating your aura.  In addition to ridding yourself of physical dirt, water can help purge you of spiritual “cords” that attach onto you and can drain you.  Such cords can be placed on you by energy vampires or after you have been surrounding by a large gathering of people.  Crystals are also helpful.  In addition to looking beautiful, can have a host of energetic benefits such as aiding in grounding.

When all else seems to fail you, try turning to an energy healer.  This individual can help clients find their unique frequency and can done either in person of via technology.  The healer can analyze the energy being emitted as well as understand how it can be received by the client.  They work with the spirit realm to identify sources of trauma and pain in order to better facilitate its release.  This helps the energy be transformed into something positive and beneficial.  Energy healing can come in the form of techniques like reiki or sound vibration.  Both help to unblock places within the client that is stuck and allow optimal chakra flow again.  When a person is sync with their aura, they feel lighter and more empowered.

There are options to perform energy work in your home.  One such example is self-protection exercises.  Begin by envision a bubble of white light.  Let this light begin to envelope you like a cloak or a cone of safety.  Protection is based in trusting one’s self and their energy source.  It is a deeply personal experience.  Physical exercise is also important in energy regulations.  By moving the body, you can lose spaces in your body and allow a more free-flowing experience.  Meditation is also incredibly helpful to add to your self care routine.  Try a few things to keep in your self-care tool kit to ensure optimal energy.

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