Who Helps to Guide Your Spiritual Walk?

Spiritual Walk

You are full of light and everyone has energies. The energies that you have can replace what is in your life that is negative with positive things. This can allow your soul to be awakened. Once you realize that your body is the human form and your soul is the light, you can understand that you are one with the universe.

Your journey thought life is important, and you have guides that are there to help you. They will help you to see things with an open mind and will help to teach you how to grow and how to develop your spirit.

As we learn new things, we see that we have those that are there to help you through your conscious path.

Lifetime of Beings

You have always had guides and through each of your lifetimes, your guides have been there to show your purpose. You will see that you have your guides to help you to find your inner being and to help you to be the best you can be.

There will be times where things are hard and when you learn to be more aware of these times, you will see that your guides are there to help you to have strength and to show you new things.


You have never been alone. You have always had guides that were there to help you through your life journey. Pay attention to who you listen to and who you trust.

Learn that your soul is divine and that you are given intuition to help you and to show you on your journey what you should do.

It is important that you take responsibility for your growth and you keep your heart open.


When you have the truth, you can learn to know that your personality is not immortal, and neither is your body. The only part of you that is immortal is your soul and as you go through different lifetimes, you will forget your journey on Earth.

Your spirit guides are there even through all of your lifetimes to help you to reach your higher self and to enlighten you.

These different spirits will help you along your journey and will help you to go through changes. Once your soul connects and you learn about divine grace, you will have a higher mind and will be more aware.

Types of Guides

Here are some of the guides that will be there to help you along your journey:

  • Teachers that will teach you new knowledge.
  • Books and podcasts that can help you to connect with your being.
  • Classes that you are passionate about to show you new things that you can love and enjoy.
  • Workings such as soul workings that can lead you on your path.
  • Intuition that will always guide you.

Human Beings

You will learn to share your light with others once you become self-aware. You can get rid of past hurts and replace your darkness with light. Learn to get rid of prejudices and to replace your old thinking with new beliefs.

Learn to change and learn to have the change from your inner being.

The spiritual journey that you are on will give you knowledge and understanding about who you are. Learn to be the light and learn to follow new things and learn new lessons in life.

Once your energy healing comes to you, you will see that your soul is awakened and can find your internal joy.

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