How to Safeguard from Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

Interacting with energy vampires is one of the most intense contact sports.  Sure, energy vampires don’t physically drain your life force, but they do drain your enjoyment of life or motivation.  Often these emotional thieves don’t do it on purpose.  But they can wreak havoc with our lives.  Know how to recognize them is the first step in protecting yourself.

Identifying energetic vampires

Emotional vampires go beyond habitual bad moods and endless retelling of complaints.  It seems like this person is incapable of being happy or finding any sense of joy, to the point you suspect they take pleasure in their pain.  They will dominate any conversations and will frequently interrupt or talk over anyone else that dares try to speak.  Essentially, they aren’t capable of taking responsibility for their thoughts or actions and it seems like they are forever the victim in their life.

Energy vampires always complain about people and situation to the point they constantly share their problems and peeves without inquiring about yours.  If you happen to manage to interject in the conversation, this person will discover a way to shift attention back onto them, even if this means another person was in mid-thought.  An energy vampire constantly overstays their welcome and is never aware of how tiring they are to other people.

How to know if you’ve been attacked

Although humans can take a certain level of abuse, which is why we can minimize the effect of an emotional vampire.  However, we must learn to identify the signs of an attack.  Be aware of how you are feeling prior to the interaction.  If you are already upset than interfacing with them will only amplify your negativity.  Don’t expect any empathy or aid from this person, instead they will find ways to fans the flames of your discontent.  Similarly, if you have face insomnia or unexpected stress look no further than the energy vampires in your life.  These individuals hone in on people’s insecurities no matter the original point of an interaction, and bring them front and center.  No matter how you were feeling before meeting up with an energy vampire, your mood will soon tank.

Ways to protect yourself

  • Establish and maintain limits: We all have at least one energy vampire in our life.  Therefore, it is import to keep boundaries to keep yourself well.  Having time limits for your interactions, establish safe topics to discuss with them, and cut them off immediately if they overstep any line.
  • Maintain a healthy mindset: Emotional vampires feed on negative vibrations.  If they don’t immediate find any, this person will find a way to manufacture it until it becomes a steady stream of toxicity.  Should this negative person turn their focus on you, take a deep breath and keep grounded.  Focus on the present moment and never let them see you sweat.  If they feeling their attack is unsuccessful, they’ll move on to a new target.
  • Crystals: Healing gemstones and stones can provide increased protection.  Helpful crystals include Black Tourmaline (safeguards from external negativity), and Amethyst (excellent in warding away toxic emotions).
  • The power of “no”: Energy vampires have only as much power as you allow them.  They will use every manipulative trick in the book to make you think that going against your instincts can be a good thing.  Although, it is important to be kind, if you are also letting emotional vampires into your life, they will always come back for more.  If you have strong instincts that this person is harming you, then feel confident in saying “no” immediately before they can attack you.
  • Practice psychic protection: If you feel your energy rapidly slipping away, set up a psychic shield.  Take multiple deep breaths and picture radiant white light surrounding you in all directions, repelling all negativity.  This is especially beneficial for empaths who absorb external emotions at a much faster rate than others.
  • Avoid them: When in doubt stay away from these toxic people.  Sever ties if possible or limit your time together if they are a loved one.  Never be alone with this person or let them take advantage of you.  The only person’s emotions you have control over is your own.

Take a stand

Some energy vampires consciously attack, while others do it subconsciously due to immense pain.  That pain can be due to tumultuous relationships, homes or jobs.  Thus, this person will keep repeating these toxic patterns until they recognize their actions.  Once they know what they are doing, then they can begin taking steps to change.  However, in the meantime, it’s best to limit your interactions and protect yourself.  By making you maintain optimal health, you can be in the position to shine a bit of light onto their path towards wholeness and positive relationships.

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