Releasing Damaging Soul Contracts

Releasing Damaging Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are not about the connection between two individuals, but about the self-connection. These contracts are not able to improve a relationship, they are painful blocks that keep you from achieving a dream, experience, or even success in a given area. When a soul contract is in the way, it can be confusing and even disheartening. If you have tried everything to improve a situation, but remain stuck, it may be a soul contract issue.

Below are five common soul contracts that require action to free yourself:

Martyrdom Contract

If you constantly say yes just because it is easier than no or put the needs and desires of others ahead of yourself, even when it is harmful, then you are probably tired and even frustrated with life. You may see selfishness as a horrible insult and want to make sure it never applies to you. This is how the martyrdom contract often manifests. Mastering this contract does not mean you will never help anyone again, but that you will make better decisions about who and when to help appropriately.

Loyalty Contract

If you stand by people regardless of how they treat you because they mean something to you (boss, family, friend), then a loyalty contract may be causing you to be walked on and mistreated by others. You may feel trapped and helpless when considering walking away because you are ‘abandoning’ the other person. When this contract is mastered, you can make changes when necessary, releasing the hold others have on you.

Loneliness Contract

If you have searched for your soulmate without success, finding one relationship after another has failed for some reason, ending in heartbreak, then it may be a loneliness contract. While many contracts could cause this problem, loneliness contracts are the most difficult to handle. When in this contract, your soul may feel alone and unsupported even with someone wonderful. Mastering this allows you to feel supported and love, even if you did not realize the contract existed.

Anxiety Contract

If you always seem to be afraid and anxious, you may have an anxiety contract. This is a ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ attitude, even when things are going well. This contract may exist because it was necessary in another lifetime, but the soul thinks it is still valid. Filtering life through an anxiety lens is horrible and exhausting. Mastering this means you are more in touch intuitively and no longer need to be hypervigilant.

Rocking the Boat Contract

If you are afraid to stand out and break the rules when necessary, it may be a protection contract gone awry. You may dread being pointed out which may have served a purpose at one time, but is no longer necessary. This contract makes it tough to become an expert or be highly successful because you will stand out. Mastering this will open up life as you blaze your own path.

Releasing and Clearing Contracts

Now that you have realized the contracts exist in your life, it is time to master it in a few simple steps. These are shared below.

  • Understanding – Realize you cannot just break a contract, but must understand how it works and why it was once necessary, but now hinders you.
  • Awareness – Pay attention to when this soul contract takes over and how it manifests. You will see patterns in your behaviors. This takes time, so be patient to learn the patterns.
  • Clarity – Once you are aware of the patterns, you will find a moment of clarity when you have an opportunity to break the contract. Take the chance and break it, just once, and then continue on. Over time, it will become easier to ignore the contract.
  • Master and Release – Once you have mastered the contract, recognizing it regularly, you can deepen the release by writing about it. This can further create a release.

Breaking a soul contract is a process, but it starts by recognizing them and then working toward release when it shows up. This is highly empowering.

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