Inside Secrets from Expert and Celebrity Psychics

Inside secrets from expert and celebrity psychics. HOW DO PSYCHIC ABILITIES WORK . . . AND HOW CAN YOU TELL IF THEY’RE REAL?

A Guide to Scrying or Looking at Reflections

There is a kind of practice that is ancient that works with your intuition, and it helps you to see things by meditating and looking into a shining or reflective surface. This kind of tool is called scrying. Many people in history have talked about scrying but it is so different for everyone that it can be hard for people to understand it. This kind of practice has been around for many years, and ...[Read More]

How the Universe is Giving You What You Want

Have you been asking the universe to give you something that you have been wanting and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere? You cannot figure out why nothing is happening because you have worked hard, and you are being the best that you can, but you still just don’t feel like you are getting anywhere. This probably means you don’t understand the Law of Attraction. The universe is on your side an...[Read More]

Symbolism of the Earth

The earth is more than just an ordinary planet in the solar system. It may be the most unique planet because it is currently the only known to provide and sustain life. Not only is earth physically unique, but also spiritually unique in many senses. Many cultures believe the earth is just a place we remain until we move into eternity. Scientists also see the earth as unique as the only planet capa...[Read More]

How Listening to Affirmations While You Sleep Helps Your Life

Those who are serious about changing their life should try listening to affirmations about why they sleep. Positive affirmations have a greater impact if you listen to them while your conscious mind is resting. What Are Affirmations? Affirmations are positive words that speak the truth. It may not be things that are apparent in your life but are deep within you. For instance, you may not be wealth...[Read More]

How to Know if You Have Karmic Debt

Do you feel that you are always dealing with negative patterns in your life? Do you deal with toxic relationships over and over, bad finances, sickness, emotions, and negative feelings? If so, you might be dealing with karmic debt. Karmic debt is not a bad thing once you realize that you have it and learn to repay it. Once you learn to repay your karmic debt, you can let the universe see you and k...[Read More]

Addressing Your Shadow Self to Heal Yourself

Carl Jung said “the shadow is the unknown ‘dark side’ of our personality.”  Consider times you may have acted irrationally despite knowing it was wrong.  This devious side of you seems to act of its own accord, yet on a conscious level you know what is right, but that doesn’t stop your impulsivity.  It may get to the point you feel like you are battling your logical and emotional brain throughout ...[Read More]

How to Safeguard from Energy Vampires

Interacting with energy vampires is one of the most intense contact sports.  Sure, energy vampires don’t physically drain your life force, but they do drain your enjoyment of life or motivation.  Often these emotional thieves don’t do it on purpose.  But they can wreak havoc with our lives.  Know how to recognize them is the first step in protecting yourself. Identifying energetic vampires Emotion...[Read More]

Learning to Let go and Forgive

Forgiveness is something that is for strong people. It is not easy to forgive, and you have to be strong in order to do this. There are people all over the world that are very sensitive to the spiritual world and as long as they live a good life, they can keep this strong. But when unforgiveness sweeps in, it can cause even strong people to miss out on being connected strongly. Their energy might ...[Read More]

Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose

We all have a special purpose in life. Some people know exactly what this is very early in life while others pre-plan specific experiences in their life that lead them where they need to be. Neither option is better than the other. How ever you find your purpose is perfect for you in the current incarnation. Some people have a large purpose acting as a guiding light for change and evolution. Other...[Read More]

Learn to Deal with Your Spiritual Ego and Take Control of Your Life

Everyone is born with an ego but when someone has a spiritual ego, it means that you are in a position of development. When you feel that you have reached the development that you need with your soul and the universe, you have only one way that you can go and that is often to look down on people that aren’t on the same soul level that you are on. This view doesn’t allow you to grow or to better yo...[Read More]

How to Attract People with the Law of Attraction

People often use the Law of Attraction because they want to find their soulmate, while others are trying to find certain people to love or a place that holds their dreams of love. Maybe you have always wanted to have a certain person or a certain thing, but no one has ever come to you. Maybe you remember a past partner that was in your life and you wish that you could get back with them. No matter...[Read More]

Kinds of Meditation and Which Are Best for You

Meditation is something that you have to choose and when you have a feeling and you want to try a new technique, this can happen for you at any time. Do not worry about the different types of meditation because there is no wrong way of doing it. There is no way to tell which type of meditation is best for you but when you follow your heart and your intuition, that is the one that you should choose...[Read More]

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