Inside Secrets from Expert and Celebrity Psychics

Inside secrets from expert and celebrity psychics. HOW DO PSYCHIC ABILITIES WORK . . . AND HOW CAN YOU TELL IF THEY’RE REAL?

Using Your Sacral Chakra to Find Love

Everything around us is made up of energy and this includes your body. Your body is made up of mental, physical, social, and emotional energies that are spiritual and flow through your body. Your chakras are the life path of your energy and this allows you to have confidence and to be open to new things and to express how you are feeling. You can have an open heart and show your creativity and tru...[Read More]

Angelic Healing and Your Life

Angelic healing has many different pieces of healing. Some people want to find a way to heal and they pick different ways to do this, and all of them are fine but healing is like colors in life. Just like we do not eat the same foods or wear the same clothing each day, healing should look different too. Everyone needs some kind of variety and this is why angel healing can fit into your life. Maybe...[Read More]

How a Clean Aura Can Stop Stress

If you are looking for new ways of improving your wellbeing consider cleansing your aura.  Energy healing is becoming more mainstream and can be conducted in a variety of ways.  Similar to how one must periodically clean your home, it is important to regulate your energetic field.  Two methods you can use are crystals or energy healers. People are becoming attune to the benefits of energy work and...[Read More]

How to Heal from Past Live Problems

There are things that we know and then there are things that we don’t know. We will go through things that we know are going to happen but when we have the unknowns, we don’t know what to do about those sometimes. Past lives might seem like a strange topic to you and sometimes people learn to solve problems in their present lives because they go back to their past lives. They don’t’ even know that...[Read More]

Finding Your Inner Peace

We all have times that are hard, and we all have problems sometimes. When problems arise, it can be hard to find peace. If you need to have inner peace, you can find a psychic that you can talk to that can help you. What is Inner Peace? Inner peace is a place inside of you that is often stressed or upset. This can happen when you are worried about things going on in your life. Having inner peace m...[Read More]

Empathy: Gift or Curse?

Empaths often grow up being extremely perceptive of the emotions of others, but tend to pretend like they are not so others do not become uncomfortable. However, once people start to realize you understand without them having to explain emotions, it is often a relief. Others often see an empath as someone who understands more than anyone else. This can help us connect with others on deeper emotion...[Read More]

Are You Clairsentient?

People that are clairsentient are given the psychic gift of sensing things in the psychic realm. If you feel things about people or you have feelings, but you are not sure why, chances are you are clairsentience. Clairsentience is part of your intuition and it is a great gift to develop. Clairsentient What are some signs that you are clairsentient? Most people in their life have times where they f...[Read More]

Spirit Guides and Their Warning Signs

Sometimes people will contact someone and think they are talking to their spirit guide. They will use things such as a Ouija Board or some other method and then when things begin to get weird, they wonder if they had made a mistake. Chances are that you have connected with a spirit but more than likely it is not your spirit guide. Knowing Your Spirit Guide Here are some ways that you can know if y...[Read More]

Releasing Damaging Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are not about the connection between two individuals, but about the self-connection. These contracts are not able to improve a relationship, they are painful blocks that keep you from achieving a dream, experience, or even success in a given area. When a soul contract is in the way, it can be confusing and even disheartening. If you have tried everything to improve a situation, but ...[Read More]


If you feel extreme feelings when you are around someone and you do not know how or why but you find out something good is happening in their life, chances are you just experienced the gift of clairsentient. Some wonder how to know if you are getting a psychic vibe and here are some ways you can know: Clairsentience If you are new at knowing your psychic giftings, here are some things that you mig...[Read More]

Psychic Visions

Some people have scary psychic visions and one of the first things they usually want to know is why they get visions. When a person gets a message through clairvoyance, most of the time they are happy and positive messages. It is when the scary things happen that people normally question it. Some psychic visions that people have will come from the spirit guide which has your best good in mind. The...[Read More]

How a Psychic Can Help You

Seeing a psychic can help you and if you are not aware of what a psychic can do, this article can help you to understand the benefits. Most of the people that see psychics will rely on them to help them heal, give them support or to guide them. Psychics can help you find solutions that can help you. Soulmate If you are trying to meet a soulmate, you can see a love psychic. There are different reas...[Read More]

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