Inside Secrets from Expert and Celebrity Psychics

Inside secrets from expert and celebrity psychics. HOW DO PSYCHIC ABILITIES WORK . . . AND HOW CAN YOU TELL IF THEY’RE REAL?

Are You a Healer?

Do you walk through life and find that you have a healing touch?  Do you feel that everything that you do is done for someone else?  If you can answer yes to these questions, chances are you might be a healer. There are some things that might happen to you if you are a healer such as: Your hands tingle when you get around someone that is ill. People come to you with their problems. Animals come ar...[Read More]

Signs You Are a Lightworker

A lightworkers purpose is to wake up people that inhabit the planet and connect them to their true spirit. A lightworkers role is to teach oneness and close the gap of separation that happens when people forget they are spiritual beings that are having a physical experience. Lightworkers, healers, and teachers are all divinely guided and come in all sizes, shapes, and forms so the right message ca...[Read More]

Signs of Claircognizance

If you have ever had that strong intuitive feeling in life, like you clearly knew something even without evidence, then you likely have claircognizant abilities. These are special abilities that not everyone has in life. Claircognizant abilities give a person the ability to think about something specific such as a question and internally receive the answers in the mind. You may have experienced th...[Read More]

Psychics, Clairaudients, and Finding True Love

True love is among the best and most beautiful things in the world. People have a natural desire to feel accepted and loved. Therefore, most people are seeking true love. Your life is likely being driven not only by your aim for success but also by your desire to meet the person who’s just right for you. All of the good things that people want in life—such as passion, intimacy, care, respect, and ...[Read More]

Gift of Dreaming

Everyone has dreams and this happens even when you do not remember them.  You might already know that your mind guides you and puts you in REM sleep which means rapid eye movement.  During this time of sleeping is when you will dream. It is shown in research that your mind is more active when you are sleeping and if you struggle with things like anxiety then it can make your brain be even more act...[Read More]

Elements of a Soulmate

Soulmates are thought of as the epitome of partnership and love. Sadly, in our overly chaotic world, we find ourselves skipping through relationships repeatedly, hoping the right one will come along. A soulmate is more than just someone you care for, but someone who will fulfill you. There is a huge difference between a romantic partner and the other half of your heart that is found in a soulmate....[Read More]

Finding the Right Man

If you are am empathetic person then finding a partner can be wonderful for you but it can also be hard to find someone.  This happens because when you are this type of person you are very honest and do not play games.  You can’t be in a relationship with someone that is not ready for you. Here are some reasons that female empaths have a hard time finding the right man: Knowing What they Want If y...[Read More]

Reasons Deceased Loved Ones May not be Sending Signs

If frustration and feelings of loneliness are plaguing you because a loved one has not been in contact following their death, you are not alone, but help is available. Seeing a medium can be helpful, but not a long term solution for most. Instead, look to yourself and make sure your expectations or own blocks are not preventing contact. Unreasonable Expectations Those who are newly bereaved, espec...[Read More]

5 uses of the quartz crystal ball you didn’t know about

All of us expect our crystals to have multi-functions. They are really beautiful and some of them have healing powers. The quartz crystal ball can be considered as the mother of all crystals. The first use is Asking questions and fortune telling Reading these balls may not be as easy as tarot cards as there is no guidebook for this one. You need to build up a symbolic vocabulary that you understan...[Read More]

8 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to See a Psychic

Many times, we find ourselves at a crossroads and wondering which path we should take.  We might feel afraid to make a decision for fear that it could end up being the wrong one.  You might be facing a decision on where to live, who to date, or which job offer you should take.  Instead of experiencing analysis paralysis, consider speaking with a psychic instead!  Below you will discover eight key ...[Read More]

Meditation to help develop your psychic abilities

Meditation will help you greatly as you develop your psychic abilities. Mediation works best when you make it a daily practice. Your commitment to yourself and your improvement may be helped by using crystals.  Several stones have strong properties to help your psychic development. As you meditate, you will connect with your own spirt and your guides as you develop your gifts. Psychic meditation w...[Read More]

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